The Science behind Lancôme’s New Advanced Génifique

by Susanah Cheok

Pre- and probiotic fractions that act on, and according to, every user’s individual microbiome (or cell makeup), go to the heart of this world-famous serum that helps skin recover faster, feel stronger, and look younger in just 7 days.

A bona fide ground-breaking, convention-disrupting, definitively-efficient skin serum should never stop evolving. This is true of Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique, a serum that first took the beauty industry by storm in 2009. Since its inception, with the help of relentless research and development in skincare science, Génifique has been improved upon several times, because good science isn’t static.

A decade on, Génifique continues to capture the hearts of its faithful users for no reason other than that it delivers what it promises: a more youthful-looking and healthier complexion in just 7 days. Among its ardent users and loyal fans is actress Jeanette Aw, who unabashedly testifies to New Advanced Génifique’s miraculous efficacy. With regular use, Aw says, My skin recovers faster, is more radiant and looks visibly younger.”

The result of 197 formulation trials, pre-launch, Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique had been tested on 4,000 women. Its ability to activate 10 signs of skin youth – namely, radiance, smoothness, elasticity, firmness, evenness, the absence of fine lines, deep wrinkles, visible pores, dark circles and pigmentation, and generally the ability to bounce back from exposure to external environmental aggressors – has won it no less than 170 awards and 10,000 5-star reviews to date. No wonder this has been said of the anti-aging serum too: that 97 per cent of users would recommend it to others.

State of the Art

That 25 million bottles worldwide have been sold so far (one bottle every 6 seconds) is no reason for Lancôme to rest on its laurels.

In fact, its 10th anniversary formula celebrates a new, stronger science that benefits every user specifically, because Lancôme’s New Advanced Génifique’s formula with microbiome science is targeted and responsive to every individual user’s microbiome, or cell makeup. Scientists have discovered that every one of us has a unique skin microbiome that we receive from our mothers. This beneficial living ecosystem of microorganisms is as individual as our DNA or fingerprint. Since it also forms an integral part of the skin’s surface, its health and balance are also essential to how healthy our skin is and looks.

When our microbiome is well, our skin is able to defend itself and recover. Since this support system is fundamental in protecting against pathogens and harnessing antioxidant proteins, preventing excessive inflammation and strengthening the skin barrier to repair itself and build resilience, a healthy microbiome means a healthy complexion.

Super 7 Reinforcements

Lancôme’s collaboration with Professor Hattori, who hails from Waseda University in Sodai, Japan, enabled the team to make the unprecedented discovery that skin microbiome changes as a person ages, with older people developing microbiomes that have bacteria species that are different from those found in the microbiome of younger people. In addition, a person’s microbiome – no matter if she is young or old – can also be compromised by her lifestyle and environment.

If a healthy microbiome is key to well-functioning and healthy-looking skin, it stands to reason that the protection, enhancement, and repair of skin’s microbiome would make up the combination or code to unlocking a great complexion. Lancôme’s New Advanced Génifique reinforces skin’s microbiome with 3 plant or biotech-based prebiotics, as well as 4 probiotic fractions, also obtained through biotech and purifying processes that make them compatible to the skin.

Lancôme’s secret 7 combination of prebiotics and probiotics are grown rapidly through fermentation at the rate of a thousand cells a day. Their essential elements are then released for use through a process of fragmentation. Through a method of purification, fractions of these elements are extracted and purified.  The super 7 in every bottle of Lancôme’s New Advanced Génifique deliver essential sugars, amino acids and lipids to the skin and its microbiome to ensure faster repair, safer protection and smoother performance every day.

Dream Application

Formulation efficacy can only go so far if a product is hard to administer or use. The good news is that Lancôme’s New Advanced Génifique remains a dream to use. The serum penetrates quickly into the skin, leaving no stickiness, and offers the complexion an immediate smoothening and plumping effect.

Be the first to take home a 7-day trial kit of the NEW Advanced Génifique serum at any Lancôme counters Singapore.

Lancôme is also offering a complimentary 15-min Pro Radiance service at their counters, using ultrasound technology to boost absorption of the Advanced Génifique serum into the skin, resulting instantly hydrated and radiant skin in a flash! Sign up for your Advanced Genifique 7-day trial and service here.

The patented self-loading dropper delivers just the right amount of serum for the face and neck during each application. Faithful and new users will enjoy its texture, scent, absorbability, and the comfort it offers freshly cleansed skin. All that, and it also complements other skincare products in each person’s individual regime.

In 7 days, when used twice daily, Lancôme’s New Génifique will give skin more radiance, firmness, elasticity, smoothness, evenness, and fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Really, what’s not to love about this 10th anniversary miracle milestone formulation?


Images courtesy of Lancôme, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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