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With over 25 years of local and regional experience in luxury fashion marketing as well as digital publishing and consulting, Carol is no stranger to media and luxury. As Editorial Director of Curatedition, and team lead of agency affiliate Asia Neo Media, Carol continues to be fascinated by the dynamic development of trends across divergent markets. Passionate about design and craftsmanship, she believes that creativity is the soul of fashion and true style is inimitable.



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Emmeline believes that a good storyteller is first of all, a good listener. Paying attention is essential to journalism – her start in communicating stories that matter. She translates these exchanges and experiences into words and pictures – moving and still – as a producer, director and writer of documentaries and editorials. Nearly 20 years into the business of storytelling, she continues uncovering the memorable even in the mundane by staying open, curious and interested about the world here, as Editor-in-Chief.



She is passionate about sustainability, enjoys street photography, and appreciates good design and craftsmanship. Her sensitivity in style is rooted in a childhood surrounded by textiles, threads and sketches in her parents’ garment factory, where she spent her time after school doodling with tailor’s chalk and playing dress-up in samples.



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Susanah Cheok is an accomplished multi-platform publishing professional, who spent the last three decades shaping the consciousness of readers through precise and honest writing in Singapore’s leading print magazines and websites. The founder of The Edit, a content creation consultancy, is an ardent advocate of kindness to animals and a devoted mother of 4 cats. She has high hopes of completing the Tour de France… some day… on her stationary spin bike.

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Yuling’s career with words actually began in 2007 when she penned a eulogy for toys she lost to bedbugs, and her sister said, “You really should write for a living.” And so she has done for the past 16 years — writing and curating stories about health, beauty, fitness, food, lifestyle, travel, and sustainability. She’s donned the hats of copywriter, journalist, editor, and lecturer, honing her craft and gaining fresh perspectives with each gig. Digging into academic research, Yuling wrote her dissertation on mobile photography, and co-edited an Oxford Handbook. Today, she leads the content team at a PR agency, weaving narratives of a different kind. Always curious and almost always hungry, the mother-of-one loves a good tale as much as Skagenröra and cheese pie. 


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For the last 20 years, Valerie has put words to endeavours ranging from brand strategy and communication, creative campaigns to editorial projects. Armed with a law degree, she started out life as a motoring journalist, before starting her own creative agency as well as a sorbet brand. She has also written serious-sounding books and posed as editor for several magazines. While that left her with very little sleep, it has given Valerie a rather large and myriad collection of stories, people and perspectives.


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Pearlyn’s life and work so far has been a tale of two halves – one as magazine editor and general bon vivant in her previous life in Singapore; and the other in London, making it work as a designer in various product agencies and, most recently, a millennial fashion start-up.  She always has an eye out for the clever, precise and original; and is interested in the pulpy middle of life once the narrative has been discarded. Now back in Singapore with her husband and young sons, she’s loving getting reacquainted with home, and giving her kids the childhood she had – mainly East Coast beach and char kway teow.


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One of Singapore publishing’s most recognised names today, Sharon Tulasidas has earned her reputation through decades of relentless hard work in the local fashion industry. From the late 1990s, when Tulasidas picked up her first pin as an editorial intern at Her World, her passion for fashion grew into a lifelong vocation; Her climb up the ranks saw her finding her own voice and vision after she joined Style: Magazine as a Fashion Stylist in 2002. As Fashion Editor at Style: and later Style: Men, she developed and expressed a fearless and irreverent approach to fashion, and in her countless memorable fashion editorials and covers, helped Style: define its definitive voice and imagery. Thinking out of the box on what beauty and glamour are became her unconventional signature look. Her often humourous and subversive take on trends and her collaborations with some of Singapore’s most important fashion practitioners, combined with her knowledge of the workings of the global fashion system saw her grow into the role of Fashion Director, first at Style:, and then lastly at Elle Singapore. “I don’t like or need to be known as being edgy, but I like to think that I offer an insight on how wrong can be right, how bad can be good, and ugly might actually be beautiful,” says the freelance Fashion Director of her fashion ethos. Outside of fashion, Tulasidas has a wide palette of interests, from skater culture to hip hop, from classic literature to painting, each of her passions feed her keen eye for what real style is.

Articles by Sharon here


Shaun has dabbled variously over the years, jumping from finance to tech and exploring several other subjects before settling on watches and jewellery. Here he’ll remain, at least for a while, but who knows how long this stint will last? What’s more important, at least in his opinion, is that he maximises the time that he has here, and focus on enriching the community to the best of his ability. As for longevity and permanence, he’ll leave the exploration of these ideals to the beautiful objects he covers instead.


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Vivacious Lin has been sharing her baggage issues (not limited to bags) on Instagram as @HappyBaggage since 2014. Through her vivid and detailed captures, she muses about the new and the old, shares her curated choices, and spotlights the little things that (should) matter. If you have been following her on Instagram, and asking her for more long form posts, here is her home as Curatedition’s resident baggage counsellor. She will recommend for you to smell the roses, stalk care-bears in the skies, or book a tee time. If all else fails, retail therapy (with discretion) works.



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Dr Kenny Pang is a world authority on Snoring and Sleep Disorders, being the inventor of Pang’s Expansion Pharyngoplasty, an effective surgical treatment that marks a significant advancement in the Sleep Apnea arena. He is the Medical Director of Asia Sleep Centre. An accomplished and respected surgeon, Dr Pang is also very well-published, having contributed over 30 chapters in American textbooks, and over 45 research articles in international peer-reviewed journals. He is the Editor of the International Surgical Sleep Society, and Chief Editor of an International surgical textbook, Advanced Surgery for Snoring & Sleep Apnea. In addition, he is the Founder of the ASEAN Sleep Surgical Society and the International Sleep Academy, Board Member of the Italian Sleep Disorders Training Board, and Member of the World Sleep Society. His other passion – time and what makes it tick.


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Jamie stumbled into the luxury watch industry over seven years ago when pursuing a career switch to writing. He was initially drawn to the subject matter’s multidisciplinary nature, and how it demanded a good grasp of diverse subjects from physics and material science, to design and history. Along the way, the visceral reactions that some timepieces have elicited convinced him to stay, a short attention span and penchant for novelty notwithstanding. Labelling this a calling may be stretching things a little, but he’s grateful to be doing something that he likes, whether it’s writing, video production, or something else entirely. 

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