Hermès: Graphic Beauty

by Pressroom

Dress your lips and fingertips in the season’s statement colours.

What comes to mind when you picture Spring? As the warmer season’s colours wash over our surroundings, our wardrobes, and our moods, Hermès extends an invitation to play with colour in its purest, most vivid forms on our lips and fingertips.

Hermès Beauty has mastered colourplay. This season’s limited edition Rouge Hermès and Les Mains are no exception. Like Spring’s rejuvenating touch, the three new lip colours are, in the words of creative director Gregoris Pyrpylis,

…rich, generous and bold. Applied to the lips, they illuminate the face with their matte, light-absorbing finish and attract attention with their temperament, both joyous and assertive.

Housed in the Maison’s signature refillable colour-block totems that will add visual interest to your collection, all three shades (SGD132 each) come in an impactful matte finish that amplifies the colour impact: 47 Rouge Cinétique is a deep red charged with energy, while 41 Rose Pop is almost fluorescent pink, and 44 Orange Néon is an intense, radiant orange.

Extend that colour theory to the three new shades of nail enamels (SGD81 each): 62 Bleu Électrique makes its presence felt like a flash of lightning with an intense blue, while 48 Ultraviolet is an uplifting touch of magenta, dense in purple, and 36 Orange Tonique hints at bright and summery days to come in vibrant coral with a tone of pink.

For the first time, the objects’ caps have a colour feature, drawing contrast with each of the three shades of varnish. The primary blue of Bleu Électrique is met with a ray of yellow light; a pool of orange warms and softens Ultraviolet; the warm coral sea of Orange Tonique is touched by the deep blue of a stormy summer night.

Explore the limited-edition Spring-Summer 2024 collection and unlock the joyful colours of the season, at Hermès retail outlets and counters.

Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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