Hermès: An Eye for Expression

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Open your eyes to the next chapter in Hermès Beauty – “Le Regard” is an invitation to play with colour, texture and definition.

A look is a dance. It is both instant and the place of truth.
Gregoris Pyrpylis, Creative Director of Hermès Beauty

A full Hermès makeup look is attainable, at last, with the arrival of Le Regard, the latest chapter in the brand’s beauty quest. Focusing on what frames the gaze, this collection consists of six eyeshadow quartets in distinct colour palettes, and six intense shades of mascara. Like all Hermès Beauty objects, they are housed in the familiar casings defined by artful brushed metal and coloured lacquer. So are the new eye makeup tools designed to ease your routine.

The shape and colour of the objects are what makes them visible and emotive for us, what makes them appeal to us. It is also what distinguishes and identifies them for the role they play in our simple, everyday gestures.

Pierre Hardy, Creator of Hermès Beauty objects

Artfully designed to evoke creative inspiration and form a lasting presence in your everyday rituals, here’s a two-part guide on how to define your gaze with Le Regard.

Part 1: Colour your expression with Ombres d’Hermès

The six colour palettes are made up of at least 72% and up to 98% natural-origin ingredients. Each eyeshadow quartet features four pigmented silk powder eyeshadows – two round and two square, in an ultra-graphic geometric composition reminiscent of the Bauhaus style. Soft and light, the three finishes are inspired by the silk métier: the matte finish evokes silk chiffon, the satin finish suggests silk twill, and the shimmering finish reminiscent of silk lamé.

Colourfully expressive, each colour palette contrasts three powders of graduated intensity with a fourth, stronger colour that acts as a creative accent:

01 Ombres Pétales – Floral tones of pink and plum
02 Ombres Végétales – Shades of green that recall foliage
03 Ombres Fauves – Amber and orange notes
04 Ombres Marines – Ocean blues with shimmering tones
05 Ombres Fumées – Stormy shades contrasted with a celestial accent
06 Ombres Mordorées – Gold and a hint of bronze with autumnal red and brown

The combination and layering of colours is limited only by creativity. Apply freely with your fingertips, or use the artisanally made tools to define, blend and intensify the look:

  •   L’ombreur – sweep a single shade across the eyelid, layer to adjust colour intensity, or blend different eyeshadows

  •   L’estompeur – blend, diffuse or soften a shade

  •   Le traceur – apply with precision, or trace a neat line along the base of the lashes

The Ombres d’Hermès is housed in refillable, round cases with white and gold discs in brushed permabrass marked with the Hermès ex-libris, and opens up to a full-size mirror. The precious case comes in a canvas drawstring pouch, accompanied by an applicator brush in lacquered wood.

Part 2: Define and amplify your mood with Trait d’Hermès

Widen the gaze with lash-on-lash definition with the Hermès mascara in six colours:

01 Noir Fusain: intense black
02 Brun Bistre: sepia brown with warm, coppery tones
03 Rouge H: cherry brown with a hint of reddish burgundy 04 Bleu Encre: deep blue night sky
05 Vert Titien: vivid botanical green
06 Violet Indigo: hazy azure with cerulean intensity

The exclusive, ultra-fine technical wand made with plant fibres derived from the castor bean forms a subtle H, and makes it easy to apply and layer while the full parts of the wand work the lash to perfect definition. The reservoirs on the sides hold just the right amount of product, extending along each lash from root to tip, and coating them one by one to achieve volume without the weight. The result is larger, wider, eyes with no flaking or product transfer.

Once again, artfully designed tools let you prepare your lashes before applying mascara:

    • La brosse – tame and define lashes, separating them in a single sweep

    • Courbe-cils – optimise and fix the natural curl of the lashes.

Like the rest of the collection, the eyelash curler is visually arresting with a black satin finish accented with a grey-blue silicone pad beneath the golden handle. As for the Hermès mascara, it is a refined, graceful and slender object; the white-lacquered metal cap is engraved with the concave ex-libris, resembling a fingerprint, and the base is in gold-toned brushed metal.

Suitable even for sensitive eyes, the mascara is formulated with 97% natural-origin ingredients (protective and fortifying millet seed from France; strengthening and hydrating moringa butter; shea butter; and white mulberry bark extract). The gentle yet long-lasting formula can be removed with warm water.

Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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