Clarins: Frozen in Time

by Pressroom

Turn back time with the new anti-ageing Cyro-Flash Cream-Mask from Clarins.

It’s time to embrace the cold when it comes to skincare solutions. Cryotherapy, known for tightening and stimulating micro-circulation, uses cold temperatures to achieve a firming effect on skin through a natural mechanism called the calcium flash. Inspired by cryotherapy, Clarins’ Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask promises to imbue radiance and anti-ageing benefits. Targeting signs of ageing, this cryo-like expert solution looks to restore the skin’s radiance with its lifting, firming and glowing effects.

This new Clarins cryo-starter technology in a bottle contains organic Evening Primrose extract – a plant resistant to extreme cold– and the molecule M.G.A., a menthol derivative that allows calcium to penetrate into cells with a powerful cooling effect. The Evening Primrose extract combined with oenothein activates the calcium flash to prevent and correct signs of ageing by boosting the synthesis of collagen production and protecting the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Upon application, it doesn’t just feel cooler, it actually reduces skin temperature by 4 degrees Celsius. Ten minutes is all it takes. Inspired by cryotherapy’s capacity to remodel, sculpt and rejuvenate the face and body, the Cyro-Flash Cream-Mask’s refreshing touch of cold on the skin, stimulates microcirculation on tired and puffy skin in an instant, while promising to tighten pores and boost radiance. According to the brand, 87% of women observe an instant cryo-lift effect immediately after application. Lasting effects reported include 88% noticing less visible pores, and 90% saying their skin is tighter and more lifted after 2 weeks.

Following through on the brand’s focus on plant science, other natural ingredients used include:

  •  organic Edelweiss extract for antioxidant action
  •   organic Quinoa extract for hydration
  •   Horse Chestnut escin for radiance
  •   Hydroxystearic Acid 10 for toning, firming and smoothing the skin

While we can’t stop the passing of time, this powerful cocktail of ingredients that promises to reduce the effects of it on our skin, is a welcome addition to our skincare routines.

Images courtesy of Clarins, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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