Lancôme Advanced Génifique: Inner-Glow in a Bottle

by Susanah Cheok

Avid traveler and TV host, Rosalyn Lee, or Rozz, loves her life, because she follows her light. Be like Rozz.

Some say 40 is the new 25. Forty and fabulous goes the common refrain. But not all 40-year-olds are created equal, though everyone can have inner light, that which gives us clarity and centredness, and looking fabulous at any age – 40, older, or younger. We just need to know how to find and harness it.

On that, Rozz, who turns 40 this year, is well initiated. Not one to let anything, let alone a number, define her, she shares personal truths on finding her inner light, both physical and emotional, and why Lancôme Advanced Génifique is her number 1 go-to skin-truth serum and all-round inner-glow-in-a-bottle.

Commit to Beauty

We’ve all had days when our skin feels and looks out of sorts and it throws our day off in the way that everything we do just doesn’t turn out quite right. Being human, we can sometimes drop the ball on our skin. That’s why Rozz, who travels widely, never leaves Singapore without her power duo: Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique and Absolue L’Extrait, because she accepts that the attainment of happy, centred skin starts with committing to a regime.

“It takes only one day of not using Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique to notice my skin’s need for it,” she says. “I use it as a serum under a richer moisturiser like Lancôme’s Absolue L’Extrait. It makes my skin feel so much better – more hydrated, softer and smoother.”

Be Authentic

Thing is, Rozz doesn’t know how to be otherwise.

She shares, “I remember being 26 and at the cross-roads of my radio career, wondering if I should quit or conform to what the industry expected of me. Because I sported a shaved head, wore heavy eye makeup and spoke my mind, I didn’t embody the girl-next-door image that was all the rage back then. As a result, I didn’t get hired for many booking gigs or magazine shoots, which are important career markers for a media personality, but I stood my ground, not knowing where it might lead.”

For Rozz, knowing herself is akin to trusting that Génifique is the real deal – the result of state-of-the-art fermentation, fragmentation and filtration, just to obtain the precise natural micro-organisms that are scientifically proven to support the skin’s immune system.

Stay True

With Génifique’s youth-activating formula that harnesses the power of probiotics to reveal youthful radiance and optimal hydration in just 7 days, there’s also no need to cover up. On the contrary, do as Rozz does, and let your newfound glow shine through. She likens it to “sharing yourself in a way that remains consistent with who you really are… it’s about the willingness to be vulnerable and having the courage to express yourself,” yes, even if it means being strong.

“Having confidence in yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. I remind myself never to dumb myself down just so people will feel less insecure around me… I wear my heart on my sleeve… you’ll always know where you stand with me.”

Get Smart

As important as IQ and EQ, is the intuitive quotient, which Rozz has in spades. She boldly proffers that you “trust your instinct. Decide what’s important to you and weed out the rest. When you do what makes you happy, everything falls into place.”

With Lancôme Advanced Génifique, a blissful, radiant complexion won’t need much else.

Love Yourself

It’s every person’s basic right to care for and attend to herself, one of many needful ways of preserving human dignity. Treating your skin right shows self-respect.

“Because you’re the only person who will be around for every moment of your life. And it’s only when you’re at peace with yourself that you can be truly present for others. It’s the first step to becoming all that you can be. This can take years to hone, but it’s worth it.”

With Advanced Génifique, 7 days is all it takes to be able to see the ‘light’ shine through your skin. Definitely worth it.

A Good Show

When your skin feels and looks good (firm, hydrated, clear and glowing – skin qualities that Advanced Génifique affords), you naturally feel confident. And when your skin and you are happy, it shows.

“I used to hate the sight of a vein that would pop across my forehead whenever I smiled or laughed with all my might. Now I accept that it represents my happy state of mind – the sort of lightness that radiates from within and manifests physically,” she says.

“No matter where you are, beauty is what makes us feel confident to face the world each day,” Rozz adds. Authentic confidence and all the other virtues like kindness, compassion, patience and honesty will always surface if they’re there, because you can’t keep a good thing hidden. “Apart from good, clear skin… kindness is very attractive,” says Rozz. “I also believe emotional well-being – feeling good and centred on the inside – shows on the outside. Notice that whenever someone’s happy or in love, her skin becomes radiant.”

Happiness is Infectious

Philosophically speaking, light attracts light. Little wonder that Rozz also embraces and surrounds herself with those who bring light into her life. When things are dim, the memory of her late mum keeps her going.

“Her strength and grace remain unrivalled since her passing 15 years ago. She had the biggest heart and never cared for being liked or understood by anyone. She loved and shared quietly without fanfare. My baby nephews, Leighton and Austin, also bring so much light into my life.” 

With Lancôme Advanced Génifique, the more luminous your skin after regular applications of its velvety textured emollient, the more you won’t want to face the world without it.

Looks like the tenets of being happy and keeping one’s skin beautiful aren’t so different after all.

Get your 7-Day Génifique Trial

Now too, you can glow just like Rozz.

Visit and sign up for a complimentary 15-minute Pro Radiance service available at any Lancome counter to experience benefits of Génifique instantly. You’ll also take home a seven-day trial kit to prolong your radiantly youthful complexion.




All images courtesy of Lancôme, artwork by Curatedition.


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