Bag Talk: Moynat Madeleine

by happy baggage

Sit with us, bag a seat

She does not judge when you’ve put on weight, gotten a bad tan, or come out of a bad relationship. She is your cheerleader during your job interview, a reliable travel companion as you see the world, and a trusted keeper of secrets. She defines and completes your style statement. Whether she is your workhorse bag, celebratory trophy, or special occasion clutch, you know exactly what each bag in your wardrobe means to you.

Some of us buy bags based on love at first sight. Those of us who rationalise our purchases may choose based on design, function, brand, and the totally legit cost-per-wear considerations. This Spring, we’ve curated 9 beautiful bags of the season, casting the spot light on the special features of each bag, and showing you how they look – as-worn and sitting pretty. Because we value diversity in fashion, the selected styles are as varied as your tastes and lifestyles. So come sit with us, and let’s talk bags.

If you have just joined us, the chair is held by the Moynat Madeleine today.

While artisanal savoir-faire, exceptional materials and refined hardware are hallmarks of the brand, it is Moynat’s distinctive bag silhouettes that set it apart from other luxury brands.

One of the Maison’s most striking bag shapes by Creative Director Ramesh Nair is the Madeleine wristlet clutch crafted with grained Veau Carat leather. The beautiful construction is accentuated with the bi-colour fabrication in eggplant and flamingo colours, complete with the dome-profiled palladium closure clasp, reminiscent of the studs used on Moynat trunks from the days of the past.

The Moynat Madeleine retails at SGD 4,400.



All images and artwork by Curatedition, all rights reserved.


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