Zenith Defy Midnight: Colour Me Good

by Pressroom

Couture fabrics from LVMH Maisons are refashioned into a rainbow of interchangeable watch straps for the Zenith Defy Midnight.

The mysterious Zenith Defy Midnight with its starry skies and angular 36mm case is the first-ever ladies’ watch designed by the Swiss watchmaker from the ground up, specifically for a woman. Understanding its target market to a tee, Zenith also introduced an ingenious system of interchangeable bracelets and straps in stainless steel, satin and leather – all of which can be swapped out quickly requiring no tools or special skills.

Zenith now takes it one step further with a collaboration with LVMH start-up Nona Source, the first online resale platform that re-values deadstock fabrics from the most exclusive luxury fashion Maisons, then gives them a second life by allowing creators to reuse existing materials.

To start, seven intricately handmade straps using different coloured and textured fabrics with rubber backings will be offered: a vanilla-white moleskin woven cotton, a blue silk and wool Mikado, a sage-green washed crepe, a sandy-beige poly-viscose canvas, a pink denim, a vibrant yellow tricotine, and a cream curly mohair.

The pairing of the Zenith Defy Midnight with upcycled hand-tailored haute couture accessories is a match made in the starry heavens, and a luxurious yet environmentally-conscious way to enjoy a whole new palette for your wrist.

Images courtesy of Zenith, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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