Triple Extension: The Vacheron Constantin Overseas In New Guises

by Jamie Tan

Three Overseas timepieces come decked in new cases this year for alternatives to familiar models.

Vacheron Constantin’s theme for the year is Classic With A Twist. This has seen the manufacture offer fresh takes on familiar subjects from watches to complications. For the Overseas collection, which celebrates the spirit of travel, the brand has unveiled a trio of new references in new case materials that present the watches in exciting new guises.

Take Two

Fans of the perpetual calendar will be especially pleased this year, as Vacheron Constantin has introduced not one, but two new timepieces with the complication in white gold. What’s more, the two watches are closely related, yet designed to showcase contrasting visions of what the classic perpetual calendar could be.

The Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-thin kicks things off with a classic interpretation of the perpetual calendar. Here, time is displayed via the central minutes and hour hands. This frees the dial for the perpetual calendar, which has its indications confined to three, nine, and 12 o’clock. Just three hands are needed, as the month display at the top of the dial tracks a four-year cycle, thus doing away with the need for a leap-year indication. This also leaves space for the moon phase at six o’clock.

The result is a clean, concise display of information on the dial, to complement the sleek lines of the watch. This timepiece is appropriately svelte at 8.1 millimetres high too, by the way – the ultra-thin calibre ticking within has allowed similar reductions to be made to its case.

The Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-thin Skeleton, on the other hand, offers a more intricate and far busier version of what’s essentially the same watch. In terms of its dimensions, colourway, and case material, it is virtually identical to its sibling. Even its movement is the same – save for the skeletonisation that has taken. To show the openworked calibre off, Vacheron Constantin has also reduced the dial to its bare minimum; note how even the moon phase display has been tweaked to be translucent instead.

A Shade Warmer

Two new watches in white gold aside, Vacheron Constantin has also released a line extension in pink gold, specifically for the Overseas Tourbillon. This watch made its debut in 2019 – curiously in steel – and the new reference marks the first iteration of the timepiece in a precious material.

Apart from the case material, the technical details for the new Overseas Tourbillon remain unchanged. The same Calibre 2160 movement powers this watch to give it a longish 80-hour power reserve, while its slim proportions also allows the case to clock in at just 10.39 millimetres.

Versatility Embodied

A defining trait of the Overseas line is its versatility. Although the collection’s timepieces are often described as being sporty chic, the label belies just how adaptable they are; an Overseas watch’s casual-yet-dressy aesthetic makes it suitable for all but the most formal occasions.

The three novelties discussed above are no different and, like the rest of their siblings, come with three straps each to further enhance this quality. For a sportier, more rugged package that’s still heavy on the luxe factor, there’s the familiar integrated bracelet that’s long been an Overseas staple. Its dressy counterpoint is the leather strap, in a colour that compliments the specific timepiece’s palette. Finally, a rubber strap rounds out the package with its casual sensibility.

Each reference’s bracelet and strap options come with buckles that match their respective case material, of course. Switching between them is a cinch as well, thanks to the quick-change system that’s integrated into each strap/bracelet.

Cover and stylised photography by GreenPlasticSoldier for Curatedition.

Additional images courtesy of Vacheron Constantin.

Artwork by Curatedition.

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