Spell L.O.V.E. with Harry Winston

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When words fail, let gems tell your love story.

“Jewels are more than my love and my life; they are an insatiable obsession.”


Harry Winston

The ways to say love are infinite. For the House of Harry Winston, there’s nothing that speaks this universal language better than the most extraordinary gemstones and of course, diamonds. The “Winston with Love” collection chronicles the stages of this precious emotion that is, more often than not, more than words can adequately describe.

A contemporary interpretation of the signature Harry Winston aesthetic, the gemstone jewellery collection tells a love story, featuring 39 exquisite creations, divided into 4 unique and aptly marked chapters: L ─ Winston Light, O ─ Winston Obsession, V ─ Winston Vow, and E ─ Winston Eternal.

“L” is for Light

The glow from within illuminates a new romance. The “Brilliant Glow” high jewellery suite marks this first chapter with an extraordinary statement centrepiece – a one-of-a-kind necklace that showcases Harry Winston’s gem-setting expertise. Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold, the “Brilliant Glow” necklace is a magnificent jewelled work of art consisting of 6 marquise rubies, 14 marquise pink sapphires, 16 marquise spessartite garnets and 14 marquise fancy yellow diamonds, displayed along 99 round brilliant and 8 marquise colourless diamonds. The final touch of brilliance is a 3.97 carat heart-shaped fancy intense yellow diamond. This embodiment of romance sparkles in the light with the seeming fluidity of fabric.

The Winston Light chapter also features the “Sparks” series of pendants, earrings and rings. Like fireworks in the early blossoming of love, they radiate luminosity from the core. Choose from three different-coloured centre stones – red rubellite, blue tanzanite or orange spessartite – each bursting into a dazzling display of gemstones and diamonds set at varying heights on mixed metal “rays” to capture and reflect light at every angle.

“O” is for Obsession

Emotions sizzle in the next stage of love, personified in the “Dancing Flames” necklace under Winston Obsession. The fiery passion that marks this chapter takes the form of a 5.02 carat sugar loaf Burmese ruby surrounded by 11 round rubies, 10 round purple sapphires, along with 8 round and 2 marquise spessartite garnets. The colourful cocktail of gems is accompanied by 97 round brilliant and 15 marquise diamonds weighing a total of approximately 24.37 carats.

A perfect complement to the ruby necklace are chandelier earrings that ascend the gentle curve of the ear with diamonds and fiery gemstones in hues of orange, purple and red, while matching statement rings reimagine the intricacies of wild flames.

This chapter also includes “Flare”, a series of highly dimensional earrings and rings in three colourways, featuring a mesmerising combination of coloured gemstones and diamonds, constructed using the complex technique of mixed metal pave, speaking to the House’s expertise in gem-setting.

“V” is for Vow

Seal promises made in the name of love with the Winston Vow. The “Winston Promise” pendant, set in platinum and 18K rose gold, stands out with its exquisite heart shape formed by 32 baguette and 6 pear-shaped colourless diamonds and crowned with a 1.39 carat heart-shaped Burmese ruby. Stemming from the centrepiece are 2 pear-shaped rubies complemented by 2 round and pear-shaped pink sapphires, and 2 marquise and pear-shaped fancy yellow diamonds. The matching earrings feature a unique asymmetric design that reveals the full heart motif when placed side by side.

Also under this chapter, are the “Dual Hearts” rings, pendants, and earrings featuring two extraordinarily matched heart-shaped rubies are set on top of a cluster shimmering diamonds, creating the illusion of diamonds “floating” on top of the skin.

“E” is for Eternal

The Winton with Love collection celebrates the final chapter of love that honours a lifetime together with the “Endless Love” suite. Adapted from an archival Winston design, the “Endless Love” necklace pairs 104 round rubies with 190 round brilliant, 133 marquise, and 22 pear-shaped diamonds in a signature twist motif signifying the intertwining of two souls. Complementary earrings elegantly adorn the ear, while the matching ring design signifies the eternal embrace of love.

Rounding off this collection are the “Sweet Heart” pendant, earrings and ring featuring two interlocking hearts formed by a captivating array of diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires. The design presents love in infinity – an everlasting, pure emotion that sees no beginning nor end.

Images courtesy of Harry Winston, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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