Piaget Possession: Turn on the Exuberance Right Now

by Susanah Cheok

You can turn on the glamorous, charmed life you so desire, with Piaget’s exciting, energetic collection of luxurious, interactive Possession rings, earrings, and lariat pendants.

The year 1990 changed things significantly for watchmaker-jeweller Piaget. That was when its iconic Possession collection, which started with a single, animated ring, with a central turning band, was launched to the world. Things have never been quite the same. This one-of-a-kind jewellery line injected a brand of fun and excitement into the high-end glamour of diamonds, precious stones and metals that was never before seen. Possession took over and drove that aspect of Piaget on, and the marque has not looked back since. What makes Possession so irresistible? Let us count the ways.

Be Self-Possessed

It’s about creativity, it’s about vivid colour; it encapsulates vivacious charisma and an inimitable sense of joie de vivre and je nais se quois that turn on the force of life for wearers and admirers alike. Twenty-two years on, and Possession is still powerfully making the world go around and quite agog for its brilliant and bold pieces.

Every piece of Possession is pure poetry in motion and pro-actively enigmatic. Possession’s precious yet cheeky pieces represent a special gesture, they make statements, they spin the jewellery world on its head, and most of all, allow its wearers to experience the art and style of Piaget’s most audacious line in a palpable and enduring fashion.

While diamonds have always been a staple in the Possession line, this year’s bright, stylish newcomers to the line are charmingly coloured: of sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Three new earring designs have also been added to the range and come in modern white and rose gold. For the sake of individualistic inventiveness and to uphold the playfulness and unpredictable nature of Possession, earrings are sold as single pieces, not pairs, so you can mix and match the colours and styles that you fancy. So, you don’t have to necessarily stop at two, or even four!

Stacking, asymmetry or symmetry, need not be confined to earrings. Every Possession ring, bracelet and necklace, from chunky to slim, can be piled on and assembled to create just the look you want, depending on your mood- and outfit-of-the-day.

Possession makes wide strides in being genderless and inclusive too, where the feminine, masculine and androgyny are melded into a world where rules are re-shaped as you will and totally transformed.

Circles of Truth

The versatile range of Possession earrings are a contrast of the subtle and dramatic, as single circlets or as triple the dazzle. In white or rose gold, with sapphires, emeralds, rubies or diamonds, they are meant to be combined as eclectic pairs or paired as identical twins. Each small rose or white gold earring is crafted with 12 brilliant-cut rubies, diamonds, emeralds or sapphires, and one stand-out, signature-set brilliant-cut diamond; each large earring has 40 brilliant-cut diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires, and the one signature-set brilliant-cut diamond too.

The oh-so-stackable small Possession rings – each with the de rigueur central turning band, in rose or white gold – are crowned with 46 brilliant-cut Piaget precious stones and a signature-set brilliant diamond. The medium rings have fewer but more sizable baubles: 29 brilliant-cut Piaget precious stones and 86 brilliant-cut diamonds circling both sides of the central coronet of gems. One on every finger and thumb simply isn’t too much.

As lariat necklaces go, no one makes them quite as elegant and delicate as Piaget. Each Possession pendant on the lariat necklace, an exemplary nape embellishment in its own rarified space, carries with it an exclusive Piaget-designed sliding pendant, with a central turning band, in white or rose gold. Each of these orbs is also set with 30 brilliant-cut rubies, sapphires or emeralds, as well as 48 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Your Turn to Shine

Piaget’s Possession collection is about being happy together, making brave, carefree steps forward, as the world peers with optimism into the new year. This is aptly captured in its delightful campaign starring new Piaget faces Georgia Palmer and Signe Veiteberg, who are artistically captured by photographer Mikael Jansson, personifying unsurpassed liveliness and the spirit of the future.

What better way to celebrate the holiday season, than with a Possession gift to yourself or for someone you love? Each Possession is an exquisite object d’art, to remind the wearer to turn on the excellence and positivity, to be life-giving, to live well and to always shine brightly. Every time you don a Piaget Possession, you will intentionally shoot for the stars and embrace the exhilarating adventures. Possession’s sparkling creations will inspire you to be dynamic, transcendental joy for others, and to never settle for mediocrity, because you know it’s now your turn to shine.

Images courtesy of Piaget, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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