Piaget Extraordinary Lights: Enchanting High Jewellery

by Li Yuling

Discover the manifold wonder of light in gems.

What are gems without light, but bodies without souls? Piaget reminds us of the beautiful relationship between gemstones and light through its stunning new collection of high jewellery, entitled Extraordinary Lights.

True to the Maison’s heritage of artistry and dedication to excellence, each and every piece within the Piaget Extraordinary Lights collection is an exceptional work of inspiration, designed to delight and enchant the most discerning individuals.

Presented in three distinct chapters, each celebrating a unique spectacle of light, the prized jewels of Piaget Extraordinary Lights tell stories of unbridled joy, pure wonder, and heart-stirring magnificence.

Chapter 1: Festive Lights

As dusk gracefully exits for the coming of night, the dark canvas of the sky is brought to life again by the incandescence of floating lanterns in warm hues of gold and crimson.

This idyllic scene is reimagined in Piaget’s Blissful Lights Set, which boasts a suite of splendid yellow and white diamonds – and a design that is brilliant in every sense of the word.

Headlining this set is the 10.12 carat radiant-cut intense yellow diamond centrepiece, ingeniously conceived and crafted to be detachable from the Blissful Lights Necklace. Not only does this allow the necklace to be worn in two different ways, but the jewel may also be mounted onto the open-work ring.

Next, channelling the fiery glow of red lanterns is the Blazing Night Set, which features magnificent pear-shape cut rubies with baguette-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds in a necklace, cuff watch, ring, earrings, and asymmetric ear cuff.

Each unique creation marks a striking presence, at once graceful and bold. Asymmetry is a key design signature, expressed in the starburst arc of Mozambican rubies and diamonds, which features prominently in the Blazing Night Ear Cuff and Blazing Night Cuff Watch.

Chapter 2: Magical Lights

Solar winds blow. Ethereal curtains of light dance and drift across the night sky, pulsating with colour and energy. Unfurling before all, this glorious natural phenomenon is the aurora borealis.

A precious tribute to the marvellous polar lights is Piaget’s Magical Aurora Set, a stirring choreography of diamonds and emeralds in the most vibrant green – a dominant hue of the aurora borealis.

The Magical Aurora Necklace has at its centre a 16.84 carat Colombian emerald of exceptional colour and clarity. Poised to capture hearts, it is surrounded by marquise-cut emeralds and glittering diamonds arranged in a flare-like formation. Another awe-inspiring creation in the set is the Voluptuous Borealis Cuff Watch, whose articulated jewel-studded 18k white gold cuff conceals a diamond paved dial.

Following a spectacular show of green, the aurora borealis morphs into a captivating kaleidoscopic swirl. The Gloaming Illuminations Set features sapphires of a similarly dreamy palette of pink, purple and blue, including immensely rare Padparadscha sapphires that are prized for their exquisite lotus blossom-pink shade.

The set’s show-stopper is none other than the Gloaming Illuminations Necklace, an alluring cascade of 27 emerald-cut sapphires arranged in graduating hues amid diamonds of varying cuts and sizes.

Chapter 3: Infinite Lights 

Twinkling in the night sky are stars, luminous and numerous, dotting the vast expanse of darkness. The air is still but pregnant with emotion following the wondrous light shows from before.

There’s more yet: Shining brightest of all is Piaget’s Extraordinary Lights Set, at last unveiled. First beheld with hushed reverence, its magnificence draws a standing ovation.

The highlight, the culmination of 450 hours of meticulous craftsmanship, is the Extraordinary Lights Necklace, whose blend of avant-garde design and savoir-faire is matched by its enthralling aesthetic.

Exuding the warmth of daylight and the coolness of night, the necklace unites two contrasting colour families: separating yellow, orange and red gems from gems in various shades of blue with sparkling diamonds.

The centrepiece is a bouquet of peerless gems: an 8.88-carat Fancy Vivid yellow cushion-cut diamond, a 5.34-carat pear-shaped Sri Lankan blue sapphire, and a 3.61-carat pear-shaped Tanzanian red spinel, set amid spessartite garnets and diamonds. As enchanting as it is versatile, this low-back necklace can be worn in 9 different ways.

Finally, the dark canvas of the sky stretches into infinity, like a curtain across a celestial stage.

Like an encore in the mind, the Celestial Dance Watch is a celebration of Piaget’s Extraordinary Lights. Skillfully handcrafted by French artisan Rose Saneuil, the mesmerising dial of the Celestial Dance is a masterpiece of micro-marquetry that combines materials as varied as blue straw, leather, parchment, elytron, and hornbeam. With a diamond-set bezel, off-centre minutes counter, and flying tourbillon (of the ultra-thin 670P Piaget movement), the Celestial Dance is a limited edition of only 8 watches.

Images courtesy of Piaget, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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