Pasha de Cartier: Squaring the Circle

by Pressroom

The iconic Pasha de Cartier goes big (and small) with two new takes on its distinctive design.

There’s no mistaking the return of this ’80s classic – the relaunch of the Pasha de Cartier last year was met with great enthusiasm, given the current appetite for bold, idiosyncratic design.

The Pasha de Cartier even comes with its own cultural mythology (that it was created for the Pasha of Marrakech in 1943), but the official story is that the iconic design was launched in 1985 as an impactful sports-luxury watch and quickly became a favourite of creative types and opinion leaders of all stripes.

The Pasha de Cartier design is instantly recognisable: the square chapter ring, the screw-down crown cover attached to the case with a small chain link, and the push pieces. This year, Cartier is introducing two new takes on the original design with a more slimline 30mm version, and a more beefed-up 41mm chronograph version.

Pasha de Cartier 41mm Chronograph Watch

Sporting a jewellery-watch diameter, the dainty 30mm version features a quartz movement and all the signature details found on a Pasha watch: from personalised engraved initials hidden behind the crown cover to interchangeable straps. In steel or gold, with or without diamonds, all these versions can be interchanged thanks to an adaptation of the Cartier-developed QuickSwitch system. This invisible mechanism blends into an architecture located under the case and is activated by a single push.

Pasha de Cartier Watch 30mm

Images courtesy of Cartier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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