Jaeger-LeCoultre: Into Thin Air

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Jaeger-LeCoultre introduces its most complex Atmos clock ever; as well as an entirely new design.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clock is the stuff of legends – invented in 1928, it requires practically no human intervention to keep it running forever, simply drawing its energy from infinitesimal variations in the ambient air temperature.

Over its nine decades of existence, the Atmos Clock has seen a multitude of respectful collaborations and artistic reinterpretations, establishing its place as a true iconic modern object of our times.

Atmos Hybris Mechanica Calibre 590

In 2022, Jaeger-LeCoultre is ready to present the Atmos Hybris Mechanica Calibre 590 after close to four long years of design and development work.

Nicknamed the Atmos Tellurium, this extraordinary mechanism displays, in three dimensions and in real time, the relative positions and movements of Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

As well as reproducing with precision the rotation of Earth on its own axis, and the orbits of the Moon around Earth and Earth around the Sun, the new calibre Calibre 590 also indicates the corresponding months and seasons with a zodiacal calendar.

The Calibre 590 was entirely conceived, designed and constructed in-house and assembled in the Atmos atelier, a workshop solely dedicated to Atmos.

The artisans of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Métiers Rares atelier have similarly applied their absolute dedication to crafting this remarkable clock – with painstaking miniature painting to the spherical Earth, laser engraving the surface of the Moon; and inlaying meteorite – material that has literally fallen from space – on the Earth-Moon ring.

Atmos Infinite

In a second offering, Jaeger-LeCoultre is launching an entirely new design: the Atmos Infinite – opening a completely new chapter in the storied history of the magnificent Atmos Clock.

The Atmos mechanism is held in place by glass supports, designed to be virtually invisible. From every angle, this allows an unrestricted view of the entire mechanism, with the bellows, chains and gears that keep the clock moving.

The black lacquered dial is composed of two concentric circles onto which polished baton-shaped indexes have been applied, and is complemented by hands that match the silvery rhodium finish of the mechanism.

On a metal outer ring, the minutes are marked by tiny indented dots. Their form echoes the round indentations on the annular balance, which spins back and forth in its slow and mesmerising rhythm beneath the body of the movement.

Images courtesy of Jaeger-LeCoultre, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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