Hermès: New Kelly, New You

by Pressroom

The new Kelly watch wants you to feel free to be you.

The Kelly is an enduring Hermès icon. The signature padlock on this iconic handbag created by Robert Dumas in the 1930s is also present in the form of a timepiece. Also named Kelly, the first rendition of this watch was created in 1975 and is now reborn, revealing new facets of its free-spirited attitude.

Versatile in style, the new Kelly is more than a timepiece – it is a formidable style statement with a distinctive take on femininity, and invites you to reinvent yourself as you wear it. Beside telling the time, it also lends itself to be worn as jewellery. Wear it as a bangle, or transform it into a sautoir necklace by slipping it into a black boxcalf or smooth alligator clochette secured to a leather cordlet, all crafted in accordance with Hermès leather craftsmanship skills.

The feisty attitude runs across all 5 variations of the new Kelly timepiece which houses a slim Swiss quartz movement in either steel or rose gold. The 2 rose gold renditions come with an elegant mother-of-pearl dial adorned by a single diamond. Choose from a full diamond-set version that showcase 179 diamonds on the watch case and 1,161 diamonds on the bracelet, or a more subtle version that is no less dazzling with 43 diamonds on the watch case and 221 diamonds on the bracelet. Also available in the line-up are 3 steel renditions that offer a diamond-free alternative featuring a spangled white-lacquered dial instead.

Whether it’s a clean declaration of style you’re looking to make, or a classy way to glam up your look, there’s a Kelly for every new you.

Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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