Harry Winston Bridal Collection: Together Ever After

by Susanah Cheok

Fall in love with Harry Winston’s bridal collection – an exquisite range of wedding and engagement jewellery crafted from some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Then celebrate your together ever after with these stunning jewels.

A strong and happy marriage, like a good diamond, endures. True love, like a quality diamond, lasts, because both have solid bonds that are unbreakable. That is why a man presents a diamond ring to express his desire to spend eternity with the woman he loves, and, by accepting said diamond, a woman in turn expresses the same longing to spend the rest of her life with him. This romantic, outward gesture that couples display to convey a promise to remain together forever, is as old as time, a tradition that has been practised since 1477.

A romantic at heart, Mr. Harry Winston, affectionately known as the King of Diamonds, believed that behind every great diamond lies a fascinating story, and that our most meaningful moments – such as when we say “I do” to the one we love – should be marked with jewels so exquisite and rare that they would forever serve as sparkling reminders of our most treasured memories.

HW Diamond Legacy

Since 1932, some of Harry Winston’s most extraordinary diamond rings have played a distinctive role in celebrating some of the greatest romances of our time, from the flawless pear-shaped stone presented to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton; to the legendary Lesotho III diamond engagement ring given to Jacqueline Kennedy by Aristotle Onassis. Harry Winston diamonds are to bridal and engagement jewellery, what true love is to a solid marriage.

By giving and accepting a Harry Winston diamond in whatever shape or form, every couple would inevitably own a piece of the uncompromising Harry Winston legacy.

To match the best of one’s love, one must consider a diamond that is equal to one’s life-long vow to cherish and honour for all time.

Meet the Collections

At Harry Winston, every couple can articulate their everlasting love for each other and carve out their own unique story of romance and bliss. Every Harry Winston diamond ring is an allegory for true love and lasting romance in a marriage – something that is experienced inwardly, but that inevitably shines through outwardly too. Like true love in a marriage, HW’s collections are also enduring, as love never dies. At Harry Winston, the distinctive quality of diamonds takes priority, before it is superbly fashioned into designs that are timeless and elegant.

HW Logo Rings

The quintessential symbol of love, this stunning collection continues the timeless tradition of Harry Winston bridal styles with an elegant, modern design. The ring setting features two logotypes, “H” and “W” representing the brand initials, as well as the titles “husband” and “wife,” which support a round brilliant-cut diamond centre stone.

The HW Logo rings, perfect on their own, are exuberant with the entire HW Logo suite of wedding jewellery too, such as wedding bands, pendants and earrings, all featuring the HW Logo.

Handcrafted in platinum, the design further accentuates the purity and inherent beauty of each diamond. The HW design is offered in three stone sizes: 0.50, 0.70 and 1.00 carat. For added brilliance, the 1.00 carat ring is also offered with Harry Winston’s signature micropavé diamond detailing.


Classic Winston Engagement Ring

From the iconic emerald-cut with its clean lines and sophisticated shape, to round brilliant-cuts with sparkling facets of light, to fancy ovals and cushion-cuts, the Classic Winston engagement ring with tapered baguette side stones embodies the timeless elegance and signature style of the House.

The refined design emphasises delicate details: the subtlety of platinum prongs, the tapered platinum setting that supports the diamond visually and structurally, the near invisible underpinnings, and the grace of the ring shank.

The Classic Winston Engagement Ring is offered with a round-brilliant, emerald-cut, pear-shaped, cushion- or oval-shaped centre stone.

The brilliant aesthetics of Harry Winston’s signature bridal rings and jewellery are founded on impeccable quality that surpasses the 4Cs. Such rare beauty can only be accomplished the Harry Winston way – through a labour of love, by the stringent selection of stones, remarkable craftsmanship, and the utmost attention to detail and care.

The ABCs of Colourless

Every Harry Winston diamond upholds a distinct level of quality in terms of the 4Cs. Carat, cut, colour and clarity as criterion for evaluating stones offer a useful starting point. However, diamonds that seem similar when judged by these criteria alone can vary greatly in beauty. Harry Winston selects diamonds for their engagement rings according to a more complex benchmark. That said, in creating engagement rings, Harry Winston selects diamonds only from the top three colour grades of D, E, and F. These diamonds, deemed colourless, are the rarest and most valuable.

Brilliance Over Weight

The beauty of a diamond’s glitter is the result of how well it has been cut. The aspects of cut that contribute most to a diamond’s splendour are proportion, symmetry and polish. In the hands of a master cutter, when a diamond is cut to exacting proportions – neither too deep nor too shallow – the maximum amount of light will reflect inside the stone from one mirror-like facet to another, and then reappear to the eye as a flash of spectral colours – fire and brilliance in other words. Harry Winston diamonds are cut and polished to maximize their lustre, radiance and luminosity.

Clarifying Clarity

Almost all diamonds have slight internal and surface imperfections, but most of them are too small to be seen by the naked eye. A gemologist takes into consideration the size, location, quantity and general nature of these inclusions in order to determine a diamond’s clarity grade. The greater the imperfections in number and size, the lower the clarity grade. Diamonds without such inclusions are categorised as Flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF). Harry Winston diamonds are selected from the clarity grades of Flawless through to VS2, where no inclusions are visible to the naked eye.

Unparalleled HW Craftsmanship

Every HW diamond creation begins with the stone. Only after the stone or stones have been decided upon by Harry Winston designers, do the master craftsmen fashion a setting that will reveal each individual diamond’s heart and soul, its personality, in a way that is at once modern, sophisticated, and impeccably elegant.

Constructed only from platinum, Harry Winston’s settings safely secure the stones using the minimal amount of metal in order to maximize the radiance of each diamond. At Harry Winston, mountings are proportionate to the stones, assuring a perfect fit. Harry Winston’s iconic split-prongs are meticulously sculpted and polished to blend seamlessly into the ring’s design and to ensure each stone is firmly set.

Now, all that’s left before you pop the question, or say I do, is to find the diamond ring together – one that’s truly worthy of your love.

For wedding bands and wedding day jewels, or timepieces for the groom, please visit Engagement & Bridal | Harry Winston

Images courtesy of Harry Winston, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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