Harry Winston: A-Maze-ing Summer

by Susanah Cheok

The House of Harry Winston invites you to take a journey through a blooming, beautiful garden maze, full of floral-inspired bejewelled surprises from the Sunflower, Lily Cluster, Forget-Me-Not and Winston Cluster collections, as well as its suite of dazzling Avenue Collection timepieces. Never before has getting lost in a maze been so exciting. Enter now and be oh-so-amazed!

Alice would certainly be green with envy, as her own adventure through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole with the March Hare has not been quite so amazing. Now, if only she had been through the Winston Maze.

Timeless allure from the bold Sunflower Collection is further empowered by the compelling art deco design of the Avenue Collection timepieces.

It’s one thing to be finding your way in and out of a maze, quite another to have so much to scintillate and enthrall you along the way.

With the summer sun shining on verdant visages as far as the eye can see, and bright, happy blooms aside, what truly sparkles with joy in the one-of-a-kind Winston Maze, are Harry Winston’s inimitable blossom baubles.

These blooming jewels twinkle with cheeky delight and evoke the elation of a perfectly happy summer’s day.

Treasured Sunflower

Your Winston Maze adventure promises to be speckled with the classic and beloved Sunflower collection. The optimism of these big, cheerful flowers have inspired Harry Winston’s designers since the 1950s.

This timeless fine jewellery motif reflects the House’s continued appreciation for the beauty of nature. Recalling the perfect symmetry and fiery petals of its namesake bloom, the iconic design of each Sunflower collection jewellery piece features a frame of accent diamonds radiating from a round brilliant centre stone. Each piece is easily wearable from day to night, with its eternally brilliant diamonds always finding new ways to bask in the light.

Delicate Forget-Me-Not

Take another surprising turn on the Winton Maze and you’ll be pleasantly thrilled with the promise of Harry Winston’s budding Forget-Me-Not Collection, which is a graceful ode to the elegant namesake bloom, of delicate necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelet, ring, and charm.

The Forget-Me-Not Collection features an exquisite medley of round brilliant, pear-shaped and marquise diamonds that together artistically reveal the beautiful spring-to-summer flower. Another brilliant way to celebrate the warm and happy picnic season.

Elegant Lily Cluster

More celebratory excitement is always just around the corner at the Winston Maze, where, after soft, refreshing showers of blessings, up pops the elegant Lily Cluster Collection.

Classic elegance that’s sweet as a summer’s bloom is a full set of Lily Cluster pieces – more is definitely more.

Refined from archival drawings made in the Harry Winston design studio in the 1940s, the Lily Cluster Collection lends modern elegance to the Winston Maze.

Recalling the natural beauty of lilies in bloom, Lily Cluster presents a charming bouquet of everyday jewels, from pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings, to new and unexpected pieces, such as diamond barrettes. Set in platinum, yellow or rose gold, intricate interlacing diamonds capture the supple movement of burgeoning petals.

Crafted with a subtle combination of round and marquise shaped stones, the delicate and dimensional design allows for an exquisite expression of eternal style.

Imaginative Winston Cluster

Just like you would not know what to expect when you take a turn in a maze, Mr. Winston believed that diamonds should be used in an unexpected way. He felt strongly that they should dictate designs, and that their natural brilliance should take the lead. This philosophy led to the creation of the House’s signature design, the Winston Cluster, which was born one December night in the 1940s, which forever changed the way Mr. Winston saw diamonds too.

Diamond Winston Cluster earrings and rings add a daring, organic, free-from contrast to the dazzlingly chic Avenue Collection timepiece.

Inspired by the way the fresh winter’s snow glistened on a decorative holly wreath hanging on the door of his Scarsdale estate, Mr. Winston realised the similarities between the beauty of nature and diamonds. In the same way the intertwining leaves, not the branches, created the shape of the wreath, Mr. Winston decided that diamonds, rather than their settings, should order the look of his jewels.

At this point in your voyage into the Winston Maze, the striking Winston Cluster motif, which features pear-shaped, marquise and round brilliant diamonds set at varying angles to create sculptural, highly-dimensional designs, will have dazzled you by capturing the light from all directions from the summer sun.

From the iconic Wreath Necklace to classic Winston Cluster earrings, each piece is an authentic expression of the breath-taking beauty of diamonds, and an enduring reminder of the House’s most cherished emblems.

The Eclectic Avenue: Classic, Aurora and Cherry Blossom

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? But you have time yet. Any which way you take in the Winston Maze will bring you to a time and place where your memories are encapsulated in pure, decadent joy, as is epitomised by Harry Winston’s The Avenue Collection of fine timepieces.

The thing one will discover on this amazing journey is that befitting the “King of Diamonds”, Harry Winston only uses the best quality diamonds for its timepieces. With a clarity grade from Internally Flawless to Very, Very Slightly Included (unless otherwise specified), and colour from the top three grades (D, E, F), each creation is adorned with stones that are absolutely spectacular and meticulously selected by the House’s renowned team of experts.

Charming bouquets of Lily Cluster collection pieces sit elegantly with the quiet glamour of an Avenue Collection timepiece – simply scintillating!

A Harry Winston timepiece is a true jewel, with no detail overlooked, including the mechanics and the materials it is housed within. Harry Winston Avenue timepieces are housed in precious cases made of 18 karat white or rose gold.

Harry Winston elegantly reinterprets time through exceptional creations that combine the House’s gem-setting expertise, with the art of fine watchmaking. Unique pieces are imagined, designed, crafted and ultimately come to life, with the utmost respect to the timeless traditions of the House, its rich DNA, and unwavering commitment to “only the exceptional”.

Inspired by the aesthetic codes of the Art Deco period, when Mr. Winston founded its namesake empire, the Avenue is a glamorous and timeless model. The ultimate feminine touch is added by the presence of gleaming gemstones on the rectangular gold case. Across its dials, the Avenue also interprets the enduring sophistication of the emerald-cut diamond, Mr. Winston’s preferred shape. The refined cut, which also serves as the logo of the House.

Also a tribute to the Art Deco style that influenced many of Harry Winston’s early designs, the Avenue Classic Aurora exudes the unparalleled glamour of high-society New York, with sparkling diamonds and colourful sapphires.

The Winston Maze offers a third charming timepiece model as Harry Winston captures the ephemeral beauty of the cherry blossom tree on the dial of its charming Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom.

The gorgeous scenery celebrates one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts, with diamonds and pink sapphires, and is protected in a case that mirrors the architecture of Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon in New York.

Executed with great artistic sensitivity and flair, the dial of the Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom Timepiece is a delightful recreation of the flowering of the cherry blossom tree. The background is crafted from pale green-blue mother-of-pearl and uses the natural iridescence of the nacre to simulate clouds on a blustery spring day. A flurry of 39 brilliant-cut white diamonds and 29 brilliant-cut pink sapphires dispersed across the dial represent the flowers and petals of the cherry blossom tree. Some of the flowers are still attached to the white gold branches of the tree while others are captured as they float gently to the ground. Cut in different sizes to create a sensation of depth and movement, the precious gemstones ensure that the beauty of the bloom will never fade. It is simply happiness on a dial!

Your strolling summer adventure of sparkling joy need not end here. How about another giddy spin? After all, once is never enough in the Winston Maze.

This feature is produced in collaboration with Harry Winston. Full production and artwork by Curatedition, all rights reserved.

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