Clash de Cartier: Sensual Volume

by Pressroom

The latest additions to Cartier’s rebellious yet luxurious line, challenge the boundaries of volume and contrast made possible by exceptional savoir faire.

Go big or go home; Clash de Cartier’s newest creations prove that more is more. Pushing the limit once again when it comes to playing with contrasts, the line’s signature spheres and studs are supersized to amplify the uncompromising punk aesthetic while the backbone of the collection – the clou carré studs – are doubled up for maximum visual impact.

Double rows of clou carré studs is double the fun with the Doubled-up Clou Carré. This striking design comes in the form of a new ring, a pair of matching earrings, a flexible bracelet or an elegant necklace, available in rose gold or rose gold set with diamonds. The bracelets and necklaces feature fully integrated clasps that adds to the sculptural tone of the pieces.

Taking the play with volume further are the new XL ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings that showcase rose gold picot studs mirrored by perfectly round onyx beads across a line of diamond paving. The signature conical shape of the picot stud made its debut in the early 20th century – a picot-studded headpiece stirred the general public at the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. The picot remained a signature of the Maison and was seen articulated in many exquisite Cartier creations under the creative directorship of the legendary Jeanne Toussaint, from 1933 to the 1970s. And today, the iconic shape takes visual extravagance to the next level with the Clash de Cartier collection.

Deceptively simple in composition, each piece in the collection is constructed in a most intricate and precise manner to exude elegance. The complexity in design lies in making sure the mobility of the double rows maintains a sense of fluidity when worn. With up to 600 different components to assemble, this process draws on generations of savoir faire. For the diamond-studded pieces, setting the diamonds to reflect maximum shine while maintaining the signature lines of Clash de Cartier, commands full attention from the craftsmen. The XL pieces, on the other hand, require the onyx beads to be perfectly geometrical to achieve the intended effect, making equally challenging for the lapidarist aesthetically and technically.

The perfect balancing act of stylish rebellion and sculptural elegance awaits. Experience the sensual dimension of the new collection in-store or explore the intricacies of each piece online.

Images courtesy of Cartier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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