Maison Cartier: A New Journey Begins

by Susanah Cheok

Cartier takes a creatively liberating stance in birthing a full and splendid high jewellery collection that is in every way a construct of the Maison’s boundless, open-minded, unique universe.

Maison Cartier always takes the high road. As their quest for beauty is boundless and their open-mindedness limitless, what guides Cartier craftsmen and designers is expert knowledge, shaped by curiosity, which puts them at the forefront of every new beginning. These precepts allow them to journey into the heart of Cartier style as if for the very first time, every time. Everything they create, therefore, seems remarkably fresh, original, unique, as yet unseen before.

As is the case with Le Voyage Recommencé, a brand new high jewellery collection, which lives up to its promising moniker. This is a collection that embodies the Maison’s journey through which its design fundamentals are approached from a new, unexpected angle. It is a productive exploration of its savoir-faire and the creative practices experienced through the light of a new prism.

These more than 80 never-before-seen pieces from Le Voyage Recommencé are precious works of architecture that expand the possibilities of lines, shapes, volume, proportions and the abstract; they reinvent colour harmonies, celebrate life and the world’s infinite horizons.

In the words of Jacqueline Karachi, Director of High Jewellery Creation at Cartier, 

Le Voyage Recommencé is a journey back to the heart of Cartier creation, an uninterrupted story being told over time.

Sama Necklace

A composition boasting a strong visual impact that unfolds around a 19.27-carat Ceylon sapphire and that produces a striking sensation of motion. From thickness, tilt, to precise proportions, every swirl is fitted to the nearest millimetre. To ensure that these precious swirls sit as closely to the skin as possible, the craftsmen have skilfully integrated miniscule, imperceptible articulations to the central motif.

Ondule Ring

A 0.92-carat grey-violet diamond forms the centrepiece of this ring. An exceptional gem of rare violet colour and weight, it is integrated into the heart of a small vortex of light, which is punctuated by relief and volume. Half-moon diamonds radiate around the central stone, transforming its shape and brilliance through a celestial aura-like halo.

Claustra Necklace

The Claustra necklace showcases a set of shield diamonds, including a remarkable 4.02-carat specimen, at the centre of a complex structure made up of broken lines. In the great, ambitious Cartier tradition of transformable pieces, this necklace can be separated in two. Combined, they are seamlessly assembled in a layered structure with recessed and raised motifs to offer a smooth, empowered aesthetic.

Panthère Givrée Necklace

This is hyper-realism stylised to perfect abstraction. A masterpiece, the panther appears to watch over a set of three aquamarines totalling 20.33 carats, with a powerful chromatic intensity. Delicate drops of lapis lazuli punctuate the composition, play off and contrast the panther’s proud and penetrating gaze.

Girih Necklace

The peacock motif of clashing blue and green make this outstanding geometric necklace a fine and typical Cartier piece. This necklace tempts you to travel, as it offers a unique interpretation of one of the founding themes of Cartier’s style: Islamic art and the splendour of its architecture. Everything is presented in its most refined and graphic form — the interplay of lines, motifs and symmetry; a rich visual feast that is matched by the power of chromatic harmony between emeralds from Zambia and turquoises cut to measure by the lapidary. The central pendant can be detached and worn as a brooch.

Unda Set

The Unda necklace – a key piece in this set – features 67 emerald cabochons of varying sizes rippling through a multitude of diamond-paved rays. To augment this structure, the gemstone experts have selected stones to match according to their colour and size. A voluptuous Unda ring, paved with diamonds and studded with emeralds, all formed in a similar sunray fashion, match with a pair of equally diamond- and emerald-encrusted rotund bib-shaped earrings and beautifully-arched bracelet. This four-piece ensemble is set to cause a cool but stunning sensation.

Voltea Set

The starting point for the Voltea necklace was using one of the Maison’s classic colour combinations — red and black — as an element to punctuate and set the mood for a series of voluminous half-moons of diamond pavé. Like three cardinal points, coral beads are encircled by an open onyx frame and studded with a diamond that grounds the entire piece. Similarly for the Voltea drop-earrings and ring, the intended aesthetics is like taking a breath – this openwork gives the necklace, earrings and ring movement-inspired fluidity and suppleness on the wearer’s skin.

Responsible Luxury

Maison Cartier takes the lead in authentic stewardship. The Maison is constantly striving to improve its traditions of excellence and broaden its ethical, environmental and social practices and commitments. Driven by the belief that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the hope of being a responsible industry can only be realised through collaborative initiatives, Cartier, supported by Richemont and Kering, in partnership with the Responsible Jewellery Council, have teamed up to strengthen their efforts by launching the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030. This aims to establish a sustainable, climate-friendly industry that preserves resources and propagates inclusion. 

Images courtesy of Cartier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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