Cartier Into the Wild: King of the Menagerie

by Pressroom

A new sensorial exhibition by Cartier invites you to explore the many storied history of its stylistic emblem La Panthère de Cartier.

The fierce beauty and grace of the panther has fired the imagination of French luxury house Cartier for more than a century, and now you can learn more about its origins and how it has inspired some of the Maison’s most iconic high jewellery pieces.

“Into the Wild” is an experiential exhibition celebrating La Panthère de Cartier, and will be hosted in Singapore at Bayfront Pavilion, Gardens by the Bay from 16 to 30 October 2022.

Presenting guests a path of discovery into the wonders of La Panthère’s universe, the exhibition delves into the enduring legend of the magnificent creature in all its stylistic forms – from the woman who inspired it, to the savoir-faire that brought it to life.

La Panthère has been a creative signature for Cartier since the first sighting of her distinctive markings on a striking black onyx and diamond-pave watch in 1914. Three years later, the mysterious creature would receive its first figurative representation flanked by cypress trees on a case gifted by Louis Cartier to Jeanne Toussaint, whom he had nicknamed “La Panthère” after her elegance and striking determination.

The rest, as they say, is history. Jeanne Toussaint would go on to become one of the most celebrated designers in Cartier’s history, and La Panthère de Cartier would be depicted by the unbridled imagination and technical mastery of countless jewellers, watchmakers, and artisans of Cartier in myriad forms over the century.

From the three-dimensional panther cavorting on a 116.74-carat emerald cabochon commissioned by the Duchess of Windsor in 1948, to the 1952 diamond-and-onyx panther bracelet which sold at Sotheby’s London in 2010 for just over $7 million (making it the most expensive bracelet – and the most expensive Cartier item – to have been sold at auction at that time), La Panthère is a truly timeless icon and will continue fascinating mankind for long time to come.

The “Into the Wild” Experience is open to the public from 16 to 30 October 2022 at Bayfront Pavilion, Gardens by the Bay (18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953). Appointment booking and dedicated microsite link will be made available from 3 October onwards:

Images courtesy of Cartier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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