Clash [Un]limited: Time to Flow

by Pressroom

The new addition to the Clash [Un]limited family is a sculptural piece of jewellery that tells time.

Cartier has rarely shied away from experimenting with form, and this boldness shines through in the latest addition to the Clash de Cartier collection. This time though, that creativity culminates in the form of a timepiece that merges the best of the Maison’s artistry in both jewellery and fine watchmaking.

Playing on the theme of embracing dualities, the new Clash [Un]limited watch is at once elegant and powerful, balancing faceted corners and bevelled dials to full and empty spaces. Round beads and square elements are seamlessly intertwined, staying true to the geometric character of the line. To create perspective, every detail is considered, from the links to the mini case with its sixteen-faceted cut glass that accentuates the lines of the watch.

As we observe the Clash de Cartier codes flow through every bead, picot stud and clou carré, manifesting themselves into the form of a precious jewellery watch, it is apparent that amidst all these aesthetic intricacies, there is the careful consideration of comfort and ease of wear. Edginess and comfort are not at odds here, but coexist. From the beads that roll over one another to the hinges of the bracelet, all elements are articulated to create softness on the skin. This is the result of how the Maison’s culture of design is perfectly complemented by their graphic precision through movement.

The play on dualities goes back to the 1930s, when the legendary Jeanne Toussaint provoked dazzling collisions between preciousness and the industrial aesthetic of ball bearings. In a similar vein, the Clash [Un]limited watch uses chromatic contrasts to emphasise geometric motifs by alternating brushed and satin-finish gold, then combining yellow or rose gold with violet gold to emphasise the details. Violet gold, a new shade of gold developed solely for Cartier, punctuates the line’s signature clou carré to the beads on the bracelet in a rose gold or yellow variation.

Modern and sculptural, the Clash [Un]limited watch is also available in diamond-paved yellow gold, rose gold and white gold variations, or a monochromatic style in diamond pave, spinels and obsidian. For a statement piece, there is an exceptional variation that plays on colour to bring out the details with coral, black spinels, chrysoprase, tsavorites and diamonds.

Images courtesy of Cartier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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