Cartier: Mini and Mighty

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The iconic Cartier Baignoire watch now comes in a mini size that maximises all that is loved about it.

Elegance runs throughout the Cartier Baignoire – from its sleek oval face to its smooth edges, and the corresponding curvature that embraces the contour of the wrist. The emblematic features of this iconic timepiece fit right in with the watchmaking style of the Maison. The square face of the Santos in 1904 was followed by the bold design of the Tortue in 1906, and a rectangular case with rounded edges in 1912. Challenging the boundaries of what a watch should look like, Cartier created a curved oval watch in 1958, and named it the Baignoire in 1973. The name of the watch itself was unconventional; “baignoire” is French for bathtub.

Over the years, variations of the Baignoire silhouette have enthralled old fans and new ones. With each rendition, the iconic watch maintains its signature volume and details: a domed crystal, a dial with Roman numerals and a smooth gold ribbon. This time round, the Maison plays with proportions, miniaturising the size of the Baignoire while amplifying its defining details. 

As Cartier was a jeweller before being a watchmaker, a Cartier watch blurs the boundaries between these two founding crafts and makes it possible to capture the best of both. This combination has resulted in the sleek and sophisticated design of the mini Baignoire. The combination of a beaded bracelet with a pure line and a miniature dial without any attributes gives this aesthetic reference to our heritage a sublime touch. The mini Baignoire becomes a piece of jewellery.

Marie-Laure Cérède, Creative Director of Jewellery and Watchmaking, Cartier

The bezel has been magnified, creating an interesting contrast to the smaller dial it encircles. More than telling the time, the Baignoire also shines as jewellery – especially with the version where the watch’s characteristic oval is transformed into a bangle that slips onto the wrist. Available in rose, yellow or white gold, or all paved, it can be styled with other Cartier creations to create a wrist stack, or simply worn on its own. For a mix of texture and colour, the version with a contrasting black patent leather strap emphasises the play on proportions, achieving the effect of “less is more.”

As multi-faceted artist Lou Doillon, the new face of the Baignoire line says, the elegance of the sapphire paired with the sobriety of the dial, and overall timelessness of the form is what makes the design so unforgettable. 

Cartier has been a part of both my family and me for a long time. To celebrate love and special occasions! For my eighteenth birthday, my mother gave me a Baignoire watch.

Lou Doillon

At once a timepiece, jewellery and a sculptural work of art, the Cartier mini Baignoire is yours to define according to your personal style and mood.

Images courtesy of Cartier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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