Bulgari Eden: A Stunning Harvest

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Explore a luxurious collection of Bulgari’s latest high jewellery and high-end watches inspired by nature and made subliminal by the mastery of jewel-making.

Enter Bulgari Eden, The Garden of Wonders – a breathtaking universe of one-of-a-kind masterpieces that showcase the beauty of nature expressed through masterful jewelled creations made by the deftest of hands. The collection opened to much fanfare in Paris and made its way to Bangkok most recently in November.

Taking centrestage in is the magnificent emerald featured in more than 30 creations among the collection of over 140 unique creations. This tribute to the emerald builds upon the Roman jeweller’s enduring legacy in crafting splendid jewels. An incredible work of art, the Emerald Glory piece has a texture that reproduces the softness of lace. Dressing the neck in unparalleled elegance, and designed with versatility in mind, this exquisite piece can be worn as a necklace or a tiara, and even features a detachable choker. A testament to Bulgari’s masterful craftsmanship, the layout of 11 pear-shaped Colombian emeralds surrounded by a cascade of diamonds, totalling over 220 carats, took over 3000 hours of handwork to complete. The result is nothing short of stunning.

Another ode to emeralds, Bulgari’s iconic gemstone since the 1960s, comes in the Tribute to Paris necklace that celebrates the artistic bond between Rome and Paris. A creation that sparkles like glamorous Parisian nights, this piece took 2,000 hours to be handcrafted; an incredible 35,53-carat oval-shaped Colombian emerald is surrounded by exquisite inlays of emeralds and diamonds, evoking the slender silhouette of the Tour Eiffel. Not just a work of beauty, Bulgari’s artisans achieved a balance of movement and weight, delivering a harmonious necklace that remains soft and lightweight despite the unique preciousness of its gems.

This boundless pursuit of creativity doesn’t stop there. The Emerald Venus necklace shows an intentionally irregular design inspired by the Capelvenere, a Mediterranean fern whose Italian name translates to Venus’ Hair, a tribute to the Greek goddess of beauty. One-of-a-kind branches of emerald beads and diamonds grow around a remarkable 20-carat Colombian octagonal-cut emerald of unique colour. Again, this impressive piece remains lightweight and balanced to the fit and reflects Bulgari’s vivacious take on feminine grace. This masterpiece belongs to a set that includes a matching high-end watch featuring emeralds paired with baguette, pave and round
brilliant-cut diamonds. The stunning timepiece that features a white gold dial covered with an unexpected mint green tourmaline, took five artisans 900 hours to craft.

Bulgari’s mastery in gemstone creations doesn’t end with the emerald. The Mediterranean Reverie necklace is one of the most precious creations ever realized by the Roman jewellery house. An ultimate fruit of Mother Nature’s magnificence, a rare 107,15-carat cushion-cut Sri Lankan sapphire, stands out on this necklace with its intense yet transparent blue shade, calling to mind the hues of Capri’s Blue Grotto sea cave. A classy chain combines platinum, baguette-cut sapphires, along with an array of diamond cuts from brilliants and pears to pavé sets.

Ever the enchanting presence in Bulgari’s creations, the legendary Serpenti sign that symbolizes endless creative transformation continues its seduction with sinuous silhouettes and tactile textures. Celebrating the idea of metamorphosis, it takes the form of the Serpenti Spinel Embrace necklace where diamond-encrusted pink gold wraps around a 25,70-carat drop-shaped pink spinel from Tajikistan. The Serpenti Ocean Treasure, on the other hand, presents the concept of two snakes fusing into one. The platinum and diamond necklace features a twisting movement that holds an exceptional 61,30-carat drop-shaped Sri Lankan sapphire.

A master of coloured gemstones, Bulgari’s creativity in this realm reaches new heights with the Flowers of Eden necklace. Echoing the name of the collection, this statement piece is amazingly lightweight, featuring an asymmetry in design that reflects Nature’s spontaneity. Tourmalines, carnelians, amethysts and emeralds embrace three impressive mother-of-pearl flowers enhanced with diamonds. Handcrafted using an ancient mould technique and wax tablets, this piece required 1,500 hours to complete. This bold experimentation with coloured gems is a statement piece that graces the neck with splendour. Like the awakening of nature after a long winter, a jubilee of gorgeous blooms juxtaposes signature chromatic matches to manifest in a sophisticated pairing.

Images courtesy of Bulgari, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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