Hermès Home 2021: A Conversation about Texture

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Hermès Home has always been a celebration of craftsmanship, creativity and style. This year, the collection focuses on the tactile experience, creating textures that allow you to explore the language of materials.

More than a decorative element of the home, the craftsmen’s attention to detail and expertise in the use of raw materials makes its presence felt, elevating it to a work of art. Here are some of our picks.

Sillage d’Hermès

Redefine “armchair travelling” with this organically shaped seat inspired by faraway destinations. Designed by the architects at Studio Mumbai, this armchair of generous proportions features a beechwood structure clad in cellulose microfibres from FSC-labelled forests (*FSC – Forest Stewardship Council). This unique coating is made in Puglia, Italy – the birthplace of papier mâché. Varnished and hand-painted line by line, the touch of the artisan is embodied in every detail, combining material innovation and ancestral know-how with perfection. The seat is completed with cashmere cushions. Every room could do with an anchor piece, and the Sillage d’Hermès is a roomy, comfortable piece that would make an artistic statement.

Lignage d’Hermès

Another standout piece in the collection is the blue stone table from Hainaut, Belgium. Also designed by Studio Mumbai, the Lignage d’Hermès is where raw aesthetics meets delicate know-how. Shaped and chiselled by hand, the artisan’s mark is distinct. The stone canvas is black at first, revealing a stark white as it is engraved. The lines on the tabletop resemble rays of light, achieved by the stonemason who uses a ruler to trace these lines carefully.


If you’re looking for something to add colour to the home, consider the Sialk centre pieces that display a rich range of textures and contrasts. Made from a copper sheet tinted with enamels applied with a stencil and then fired, the result is one of transparency and depth. The six colour combinations, featuring the signature “H” in the design, are a vibrant, visual treat, showcasing the balance in the fusion of pigments and the rawness of the material.


A table lamp is rarely prized just for its lighting capabilities; the right lamp can accent and lift the entire space. The Sazarine is a poetic piece. The lampshade is constructed with writing paper and held up by a structure in saddle-stitched natural cowhide leather. Its name recalls Jean-Michel Sarazin, an artisan in the trunks workshop, who married the symbolic materials and know-how of Hermès into a table lamp in 1996. This timeless creation is reborn, and available in two sizes.

New Haven, Fall River and Williamstown

Take your art to bed with these quilted bed covers made from 100% cashmere. Subtly luxurious, they are soft to the touch, and embroidered in exquisite gold thread with Gianpaolo Pagni’s designs that are inspired by collectible images from his childhood. American artist Carson Converse employed a quilting technique to reinterpret these patterns using gold stitching, thus creating an interplay of shadows and light.

Théorème Round and Round

For fans of the house’s equestrian heritage, the lacquered and hand-painted Théorème Round and Round box features an aerial view of the most eminent French horse-racing tracks. Nigel Peake’s drawing also brings to mind, the striking shapes and patterns usually found on jockeys’ silks. The quirky design is available in two colourways – a striking Citrine, and an enigmatic Bleu grand fond.

Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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