Hermès Home 2020: Natural Tendencies

by Pressroom

Reconnecting with Nature and Design.

Home is our sanctuary, in these times more than ever. We are spending significantly more time in this space we call our own, and there is no better instance to make our homes cosier.

Celebrating a Decade of Inspired Homeware

Hermès Home enters its tenth year of inception. Year after year, the House never fails to impress with its tasteful creations harking back to its origins in saddle and harness-making, designed to enhance your most personal space. This year, the Home collection celebrates durability born from movement – whether it is the tools that shape contours of a chair and table, or materials that balance textures, inject flow or enhance fluidity. Here are some of our picks.

Hippodrome d’Hermès

This coffee table is a statement piece by French design duo Normal Studio, that would take centrestage in any room. The rectangular oak tabletop is accompanied by aircraft wing edges and an oval lower shelf enclosed in smoothed, glossy bridle leather.

Les Trotteuses d’Hermès

This trio of side tables with porcelain tops fastened by bridle-leather straps, come in three different heights and diameters, and feature colourful motifs and a solid oak base that folds in and out with ease. These portable pieces fit easily into any room and stand out individually, as a pair, or altogether. More top designs will be added every year to this collection, starting with Paper Block, Panier and H infini.


Embroidered painstakingly by hand using an uncommon technique, the Tremplin, H Vibration and Escalator rugs showcase compositions designed by Gianpaolo Pagni and Studio Hermès. The designs are traced out by a slender cotton cord to mimic pencil drawings against a robust linen backdrop.


Clay vases are usually thrown into shape, but the Kala is moulded into its rectangular form. An oak handle is attached to its top, maintained by a leather strand linked to a clever mechanism that enables it to be detached.

Théorème H Casaque

Colour and geometry merge in harmony in these square boxes made from solid cassia, mahogany and sapodilla wood, with “full‑leather” lids in leather marquetry featuring patterns inspired by the designs on jockey silks.

Paying Homage to Nature: the Passifolia Tableware Collection

We start our days, break for meals and end our days at the dining table. The dining experience forms an important part of the everyday. Even before we taste the flavours, our eyes feast at the sight. This summer, Hermès wants to fill your vision with the refined beauty of unbridled nature as you dine, with its latest tableware collection Passifolia.

From tea cups to dinner plates and serving trays, striking florals and foliage from temperate climates encounter tropical flora and fauna, in the hands of Nathalie Rolland Huckel. Trained at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Limoges, she is not new to the art nor the House, having designed two other tableware collections for Hermès in 1997 (“Siesta”) and 2005 (“Cheval D’Orient”).

In Passifolia, the delicate yet robust characteristics of Limoges porcelain parallels that of Mother Nature, and its luminosity brings out the life in the vegetation adorning it. The hyperrealism in Nathalie’s botanical art, with its fine details and rich colours – an impressive range of 32 hues of colour, to be exact – might even leave you confused with the actual greens on your plate. Think three shades of green-yellow in a single stem and five green-blues in one leaf; the richness in detail will immerse you into the lush forests of your wildest imaginations.

Boundaries of nature are freed in the 30-piece collection, forming enchanting landscapes that unfurl across each piece of exquisite tableware. Some pieces feature a single palm frond, while others house sprawling collages of exotic plants. Each piece is encircled by a handpainted halo of gold representing the sun, a source of life for all of Nature.

Inject life into your home with Hermès homeware, available at your nearest Hermès boutique.


Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.


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