5 Cool Workshops with a Fresh Twist

by Susanah Cheok

These ‘courses’ won’t certify you with a diploma, but that also means you won’t have to sit in a classroom and struggle with assignments. Why take a stressful exam when you can learn to swim like a mermaid, or whip up a hard-to-find traditional dish made from herbs in your garden? Or simply learn to be grateful. This is life-long learning with a twist.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton said, “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

In the case of The Letter J Supply, where Joanne Lim imparts the art of modern and brush calligraphy, artful penmanship can be mightier than, well, even art. For not only can gifted handwriting be something to behold, the words they form in their very strokes contain deep meaning too. If you have always admired beautiful handwriting, here’s your chance to learn from someone who turned the rare gift of calligraphic handwriting into a powerful and empowering form of art.

Joanne Lim from the The Letter J Supply offers customised workshops for 2 to 8 people at 3 locations: Creamier Tiong Bahru (only available on weekdays; workshop includes 1 scoop of ice-cream and tea or coffee), Wild Olive Suntec City (available only on weekdays; includes 1 serving of cake/tart and tea/coffee) and Frieda Capitol Kempinksy (includes 1 alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage). Time slots are: 11am, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 7pm.

Participants can choose between modern calligraphy or brush calligraphy, with all materials included. In Modern Calligraphy, you will experience the romance of writing all over again, and understand the tools required, how to do basic pen strokes, writing in lowercase letters and words. Materials provided include: 1 penholder, 2 nibs, ink and The Letter J Supply Guidebook.

In Brush Calligraphy, participants will explore the characteristics of water colour and learn the basics of letterforms, creating their own expressions of words in full techni-colour.

Each workshop is 2 hours long and the rates are: $200 for 2 people; $150 for 3; $125 for 4; $115 for 5; $105 for 6; $100 for 7 and $95 for 8. To register, email workshop@theletterjsupply.com and state the workshop of choice, location, number of people, date and time slot. A sign-up deposit of 50% of workshop fees is required. The remaining amount is to be paid after the workshop.

Looking to swim like a mermaid or to refine your dolphin technique?

The Monofin Workshop at Singapore Free-Diving Academy covers the theory and evolution of monofin diving and its style of movements. Participants will also carry out light stretching, and learn about the muscle groups essential in monofin diving, as well as propulsion techniques. Then on to pool work and actually trying out the techniques.

Workshop instructors will offer feedback and put participants through drills to work on different aspects of the movements and techniques. Workshop duration: half a day. Fees at $250 per person (minimum 2 persons per workshop) do not include fins and pool entry charges. This workshop is not certified, but is has a pre-requisite for participants, who must have obtained at least a Level 1 freediving certificate.

Thankfully for those who enjoy fashioning accessories out of leather, Malayan Leather Craft Singapore, a company that began in the 1900s by the Su Family, not only purveys a wide range of leathers, threads, accessories (like buckles), leather-finish products, tools, machines, and custom-crafted leather products, it also conducts customised Leather Crafting Workshops.

The aim of these workshops, besides the end-goal of owning a leather accessory made by your own hands, is also to bond teams, to encourage creative thinking, promote problem-solving, as well as relief stress. Good to know that Malayan Leather Craft Singapore uses high quality natural vegetable tanned leather, which are not toxic to the environment.

The Coin Pouch & Keychain Workshop, $65 per person, includes a coin pouch, a keychain (both with embossing) and a gift pack. Workshop duration is 2.5 hours, with minimal stitching work required by the participant.

The Envelope Pouch Workshop, $75 per person, includes one envelope pouch (with embossing) and a gift pack. Workshop duration is 3 hours, with some stitching work required by the participant.

The Cardholder Workshop, $75, includes one cardholder (with embossing) and a gift pack. Workshop duration is 3 hours and some stitching work is required by the participant.

The Lanyard Workshop, $75, includes one lanyard (with embossing) and a gift pack. Workshop duration is 3 hours and includes some stitching work by the participant.

They have recently added a handbag-making workshop to the list above. Course fees for this is subject to handbag customisation. To book any of their workshops, email leathercraft_RC@malayan.com.sg or call 9297 2313. Or visit them at: 685 Race Course Road #01-336 Singapore 210685.

Joules @ Jerevin offers inspirational life coaching through workshops that span these 2 large categories – etiquette (professional and social) and hobbies (photography, candle making, craft) that are tailored to the needs of their participants.

The fresh twist is that gratitude is at the very heart of all their workshops, simply because gratitude has been proven to be beneficial to a person psychologically, emotionally and physically. Knowing the transformative effects of gratitude, trainers at Joules make it a point to ground all their training workshops in it, for they believe it has the power to turn mundane encounters into extraordinary, life-changing experiences.

For more information on customising a gratitude workshop for your groups, email serene@jerevin.com or whatsapp: 9748 7022.

They are what they do, and then some. The Farmers are Justine Ong-Farmer and Scott Farmer, a husband and wife team of urban farmers, who left their corporate careers to live off their own land, well sort of.

In November 2018, Justine and Scott started The Farmers, an urban agriculture business that promotes sustainable living, cultural heritage, and local ecology through food, education, events and workshops. The Farmers, both the company and its founders believe that “social enterprise is a powerful driver of change, and that businesses should serve their people, their communities, and the planet.

With their Nasi Ulam Workshop Makan Session, they “hope to inspire positive local action around food access and hope to cultivate a conscious community.” Per 2.5-hour workshop takes in up to 6 people at $110 per person, which includes food (the nasi ulam you prepare), drinks (home-brewed kombucha) and attendant equipment.

Participants will enjoy a tour of the Farmers’ garden, learn about nasi ulam, how to grow their own food, how to harvest local herbs and flowers (for nasi ulam), the benefits of herbs and flowers, as well as preparing and cooking nasi ulam together. The workshop includes a chilli chukka-making demonstration (and a bottle to take home), plus the piece de resistance: a nasi ulam makan session served with blue butterfly pea flower tea and local dessert.

To make a workshop booking, email thefarmers.sg@gmail.com or call +65 8183 9395.


All images courtesy of respective workshops, artwork by Curatedition.com. All rights reserved.


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