Roger Vivier Pièce Unique: Art in Full Bloom

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Enter the botanical wonderland of the second chapter of the Viv’ Choc Pièce Unique.

Warmer days are making a return, so has the Haute Couture season for fashion’s Spring-Summer 2024. At Roger Vivier, the anticipated second installation of the Viv’ Choc ‘Pièce Unique’ creations was presented at the brand’s Parisian boutique on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It is a worthy sequel to last year’s visual feast of delicate embroidery and precious textiles adorning the Viv’ Choc handbag; each creation a mesmerising kaleidoscope of exquisite haute craftsmanship.

Viv’ Choc Pièce Unique, Fall-Winter 2023 Haute Couture Collection

This year, Roger Vivier shows its relentless dedication to savoir-faire once again. Creative Director Gherardo Felloni muses on the unique characteristics of each floral varietal of choice by employing a variety of techniques applied with the lightest of touch. The result is an ethereal garden of precious hand-crafted 3D replicas and interpretations of classical flora in vibrant colours.

A botanical fairytale comes true as spring meadows and miniature blooms envelop the pillowy Viv’ Choc as hand-painted feathers echo petals and blades of grass float in the breeze among iridescent sequins. Couture flowers are in full bloom here: from sky blue nigellas with silk petals and feather pistils, to golden roses encrusted with metallic thread and crystal beads.

It’s no wonder that the Viv’ Choc handbag, with its puffed, rounded silhouette inspired by haute couture draping, central turnkey and bold, signature buckle, was chosen as the canvas for the one-of-a-kind epic bouquets of Creative Director Gherardo Felloni’s imaginative interpretations. Made up of over 70 individual pieces and fully customised hardware, the Viv’ Choc turns the ladylike codes of a classic handbag into a decadent object d’art.

Each one-of-a-kind Pièce Unique handbag is the result of 30 to 60 hours of hand craftsmanship in the Roger Vivier atelier. Exploring this fantastical garden will find you in the presence of works of arts like the ‘Roi Soleil’ where the regal lily is interpreted in an amber-hued symphony of fringed organza, golden metals, and hand-tinted feathers; the ‘L’Aube’ indulges in a resplendent tapestry of whimsically curled feather flowers in a palette of ethereal pink, lilac, and fuchsia hues; the ‘Or, Rose’ that plays with a lustrous metallic gold bouclé material embellished with an opulent array of tone-on-tone golden roses meticulously embroidered using a crochet-like 3D technique that interweaves a fine thread connecting miniature gold crystal beads with artistic precision.

The concept is extended to a romantic series of exclusive Pièce Unique waistcoats that take between 60 and 100 hours of craftsmanship by hand to achieve. These pieces are an ode to Monsieur Vivier’s dedication to the idea of accessorising from head to toe. The collarless silhouette in silk satin, silk organza or silk velvet acts as the blank canvas for dreamy flowerscapes like the creamy hues of cactus dahlias in baroque pearls and organza, or flowers mounted like jewels ‘en tremblant’ on black velvet with dark silver and giant rhinestone accents.

Images courtesy of Roger Vivier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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