Gem Dior: 99 Shades of Precious

by Valerie Wee

Gem Dior dazzles with no less than 99 shades of the rainbow in the largest showcase celebrating Dior Joaillerie’s 20th anniversary in Venice.

We love Gem Dior. We really do. Dior’s largest and conceivably its most ambitious jewellery collection gets walked down the aisles of a sumptuous dinner gala together with airy dresses designed exclusively by the House’s head designer Maria Grazia Chiuri.

The festivities centres around a chromatic symphony of gems underscored by the best of heritage, art, design, music, movement and style. The muted pastels of Tiepolo’s al frescoes on the walls of the majestic Palazzo Labia in Venice harmonise with models draped in taupe and mocha chiffon pleats and braided tulle. Everything is carefully orchestrated to allow the gems to sing in every pantone known to man and pop with serious sparkle.

No stone was left unturned, so to speak,  by creative director de Castellane – diamonds, emeralds, rubies, a 10-carat pink sapphire worth 2 million euros, spinels, tanzanites, tourmalines, rubellites and garnets.

Like a volcanic eruption of rainbow lava, these cool to form exquisite colour gradation; asymmetrical trails of precious candy crystals. The end result are uniquely geometric and multicoloured pieces where double finger rings or earrings can feature a multitude of differently cut stones like pears and ovals layered atop each other in a cocktail crust of diamonds, purple garnets, rubies, pink spinels and yellow sapphires. Conceptually every piece seemed unique and precious but yet friendly enough to be worn and mixed not just for big occasions, but also casually into everyday wear.

With a departure from taking inspiration from specific themes such as the exquisite lace in Dior’s ateliers, or the roses of Granville, de Castellane focuses for this collection with an architectural eye on the abstraction of gems into pure pixels, while teasing out the sparkle and cut of each and every jewel selected.

Dior intentionally creates a play on the word ‘Gem’ with ‘J’aime to means ‘I love’ (Dior). And so far all ninety nine pieces have been designed, constructed and presented with that same level of fervour and passion. And like the dresses, the Gem Dior collection is created to drape and cluster organically as if Mother Nature had a hand in its design; as if every piece and facet is positioned to shine and delight. Amidst the ballet tribute to minimalist composer Philip Glass, elaborate dinner settings and models quietly swishing between tables give guests an upfront and intimate peek at the collection.

When we think of Dior, we see vividly gorgeous puffs of taffeta and tulle caught and reined into tiny waists. But after this 20th anniversary of Dior Joaillerie by Victoire de Castellane, the first of a kind showcase, many will also dream in rainbow technicolour, a dazzling array of precious stones of every kind.

Images courtesy of Dior, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.


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