Dior Homme Summer 20: Time Sensitive Style

by Valerie Wee

For Dior Men Summer 2020, power collabs with Daniel Arsham, Rimowa and jeweller Yoon Ahn create future-forward pieces that are also informed by an epic past. 

There is something very alluring about the dystopian concept of fashion – there is a blurring of lines between the past and present, and the coupling of nostalgia and futuristic tones lend a very fluid approach to style. When done right, it feels exciting, looks visionary and intrigues with the allure of déjà vu. In that sense, Kim Jones is showing a real knack for deep diving into House heritage and returning with fresh catches that feel like they were always meant to be put together with the latest collection.

Photographed by Steven Meisel. Inset product images from Dior.

For Summer, the menswear flutters with fluid lines, soft construction, quiet sculptural shapes and a slip of brazen pink or shout out newspaper print with coy pastels and greys. Slim cut grey suits make its ubiquitous appearance with long silk swathes or sashes snaking out from the lapel or round the waist for a flash of colour. Parkas, protective balaclavas, heavy rubber boots walked out in shades of desert sunset. Also spotted were the recognisable presence of Rimowa with silver hardcase backpacks and a coolbox that sported a cubby space on the lid for easy access to a chilled bottle of bubbly or a big dose of kombucha. The whole vibe is future forward with rugged realness.

Photographed by Steven Meisel. Inset product images from Dior.

American artist Daniel Arsham’s influence can be seen on the pieces – the plaster-like sweatshirts and baseball caps with a cracked and peeling effect. Arsham’s work focuses on visual translation of objects into stories of what the future might become – predictive design based on history where the decay of time reveals a different sort of beauty and aesthetic to everyday things.

Photographed by Steven Meisel. Inset product images from Dior.

The notion of time travel, innovation and a sophisticated sense of ruggedness continues with Rimowa.

The two houses share similar values like a meticulous and artisanal tradition to detail with innovation being key to all endeavours. Hence this joint effort is seen by most as a match made in heaven; where many hours of conceptualization, preliminary sketches, fabrication design, and labour were invested to overcome the complex technical challenges of the materials – apparently aluminium is as delicate and difficult as leather to manipulate and mould. However, the end result has proven to be astounding with cabin and trunk suitcases as well as a personal clutch being produced bearing the hallmark features of both Rimowa and Dior.

Like the couture garment, the pieces in Dior x Rimowa are mostly assembled by hand with machines getting involved only with the precision work of cutting the pieces for construction by hand. Everything else, from monogramming to sewing of the inner lining are left to the efforts of the artisans and artists involved.

The Cabin suitcase in aluminium comes in three versions of matte black, silver and gradient blue. The “Dior” letters are anodized into the hard case surface. The Multiwheel® system gives four multi-directional wheels stamped with the “CD” initials for a smooth twirl through customs.

All eyes are on the Personal clutch, available in blue, black silver or pink. This little hardcase clutch boasts a matching leather-lined interior with a black Dior Oblique nylon canvas, zipped pocket and card slots. For those who prefer to sling it across the body, there is a removable leather strap included.

These latest summer creations shows off Dior’s savoir-faire and craftsmanship in leather goods as well as how well this couples to the heavy metal vibe of Rimowa cases.

Images courtesy of Dior, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.


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