Reset, Renew, Refresh: Inspiring New Year Resolutions

by Susanah Cheok

They rose to a new normal for an unprecedented 2020. Here’s what 5 creative personalities will be bringing forward into 2021, as they reset their goals and aspirations for the new year.

Hindsight is always 20/20, perfect, but no one could have anticipated or predicted 2020 to be a year of unprecedented changes, a year of being called to rise to the occasion and to be better versions of ourselves.

With 2021 and the chance to reset personal goals looming cheerily in the horizon, what life-changing resolutions might Singapore’s personalities be bringing forward with them into the new year?

She is currently “Being in her body more and her head less, releasing past programming and being more in the moment, easily amused, often curious and always findings ways to allow more joy to arise in herself and others.”

“The thing I did differently was putting more time, energy and care into forming better habits, so they could stick. Like doing yoga in the morning, preparing and eating more home-cooked meals and sleeping earlier.

“There used to be a dramatic difference between my weekdays and weekends, where I refused to sleep before 3am if it was a Friday or Saturday, even if I was staying at home, simply because it was the weekend and I felt I had to maximise it. Conditioned since my Zouk days!”

Dancing to her own beat, she says, “Love or hate me, I’ve always been a rebel, who’s simply trying to make a difference in whatever little corner of the universe I’m in.”

“It’s actually a continuation of last year’s transformative journey, which is to be ‘NOT busy’. Everyone seems to wear ‘busy’ like a badge of honour here; always hurried and never present. I’m equally guilty of that and it’s a terrible way of going through life!

“So last year, I told myself that I will NOT let myself get that busy; to savour the moments with my family, pet/s and humans who matter. COVID-19 happened and the CB forced us all to slow down… but the minute Phase 2 kicked in, all that zen disappeared and I saw my schedule filling up and squeezing the life out of me again. So, I need to get back into my ‘not busy’ mode and find precious time to rest and be there for my people.”

The former actor confesses to be “a tightly wound knot of neuroses, hang-ups and contradictions.”

“2020 has been a year that could have brought out the best and/or the worst in anyone of us. I personally went through a very low, dark patch for several months in the midst of the pandemic, wherein I was really struggling to maintain my sense of purpose and identity.

“With the love and support of my family, and also making the decision to seek professional medical help, I eventually turned a corner, and I have rediscovered the importance of self-care. I never really fully appreciated the saying that you can only truly love others if you are able to love yourself. 2020 has taught me this lesson. And I aim to carry this into 2021 and beyond.”

She calls herself “a true blue gastronome, who loves her favourite champagne and sake, with the same passion as a smoky plate of char kway teow with extra cockles.”

“2020 has been a tremendous year of change for me and my family. The biggest change in our lives is the happy addition of another baby. A baby that I had given up hoping for last year, so you can imagine how ecstatic we were.

“With this pregnancy, I was forced to rethink my priorities, recalibrate my plans and consciously pulled the brakes on business and work developments this year. Being pregnant during COVID-19 also meant cutting off social activities almost completely for my safety. So I was spending day and night at home with the other children. I’ve never enjoyed such closeness with them as I have this year, with minimal distraction from work and I really enjoyed that. So for my resolution, I would like to continue this focus on the family and on the children in 2021. Even as I look at new business developments next year, it will be managed with family as my first priority.”

Ginette in a nutshell has “always felt such a huge yearn to learn and make – this is manifested in the creative pursuits I have, such as in my visual arts practice, in my being a musician and DJ, and a designer. It’s not so much that I pursue reinvention, but that my creative journey traverses these different planes.”

“Cutting down on social media was a thing that happened for me voluntarily this year. I watched Social Dilemma on Netflix and it named a lot of the negativity that I had been feeling the past year towards social media. And I don’t want to be part of the problem.

“I’m very connected to my inner child, but I never worked out my triggers. Of late I’ve been working out my past traumas and connecting the dots to emotional events and childhood strain. I hope to do that even more this year and in turn work on respectful parenting to be a better mother to my daughter, so that the cycle breaks.

“I also want to eat better, and as cliché as it seems, drink more water! Got to cut down on the diet sodas!”

Images courtesy of featured personalities, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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