DocTalk: Know What You Want in Life? Here’s How to Get It

by Valerie Wee

Making dreams happen needs determination and a professional ‘goal-keeper’ – life coach Dr Jade Kua, to help you reach your end game. 

When it comes to getting things done, there is no one quite like Dr Jade Kua. A paediatric emergency specialist, mother of six, and a passionate advocate for several charitable causes, this multi-hyphenate and super achiever knows what it takes to keep your eyes on the prize and more importantly, how to get what you want. Curatedition sits down with this trained and experienced life coach to get a clearer picture on how to have your cake and eat it.

During a coaching engagement, I partner with my client as he sets his agenda about what he wants to achieve. Effectively he sets an intention to attain a goal, and we mindfully consider all aspects in order for him to make progress in that direction – through the process of inquiry.

Most of the time, clients sign on with me for a series of about 5-10 sessions, depending on the complexity of the goals they want to achieve. Each coaching session lasts for approximately 40-60 minutes depending on how quickly we can gain meaningful insight and progress with an action plan. There is homework between these weekly sessions and it’s usually inner work although sometimes there are tangible tasks.

Well I can’t say for sure about other coaches but I can tell you that for me – the process isn’t the point, and neither is the situation. The point is the client and helping him progress. I don’t shy away from addressing emotions and I respect the space the client is in. Holding space and partnering are very important for me.

It is whatever the client hopes to achieve; as a coach I would be the catalyst for his positive transformation. It is perfectly fine to have a goal that he must stretch himself to attain; he probably doesn’t need a coach if it is something very easy that he can do. Being mindful of available resources or conversely, obstructions that keep him stuck, are also helpful in considering whether a goal is likely to be attainable.

Everyone should set goals. And in this journey, intuition is helpful to move one in the right direction towards that goal.

As a coach, I’m also an accountability buddy so that helps to keep the client on track.

Very important! If the client doesn’t follow through on the agreed agenda, my approach is to acknowledge this and check in on what has prevented him from achieving his tasks for the week.

It’s different for everyone. Sometimes it’s a financial goal out of need or want; sometimes it’s about coming in or out of a relationship. Everyone has their own motivation and I acknowledge that without judging them.

It just needs to be important to that person. Tasks are usually part of the schedule we draw up as supporting actions along a timeline to reach that goal.

They’re similar in that it’s often about acknowledging where one is now and looking ahead to where one wants to be. My role is to help my client get from here to there.

There are often curve balls, so I coach them through these problems.

Breaking bad habits or forming good ones is often a goal clients seek to achieve. My tip would be to discuss it with a coach because new perspectives may be revealed that can help this process.

I coach a range of cases – from corporate leadership and enhancing team performance, to life coaching for personal issues. A common problem in both sectors is simply inertia.

Without stating anything specific, I would say that open-ended questions tend to leave more room for the client to express themselves.


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More about Dr. Jade Kua:

Credentials and training

Dr. Jade Kua
Senior Consultant, ​MBBS, MRCSEd (A&E), MSc (Trauma Sciences), FAMS
Certified Life Coach

Dr Jade Kua is a certified life coach, international speaker and published author.
She has served as a senior pediatric emergency specialist for many years and presided over several boards. She is a mother to many and mentor to more. Her current missions include introducing mindfulness to the corporate culture and training leaders of high performance teams.


Jade Life And Wellness Pte. Ltd. 

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Coaching journeys:

High Performance Coaching Leadership Coaching Mindful ParentingInner Work


This feature article is produced in consultation with Dr. Jade Kua from Jade Life and Wellness. Artwork by Curatedition, all rights reserved.

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