Valentino Flaunts the Power of Pink

by Pressroom

Maison Valentino manifests the limitless possibilities of a monochromatic collection in a single shade of pink, through different shapes, cuts and textures.

In an experimental, radical gesture, the new Valentino Pink PP collection sports a single hue of pink developed in collaboration with the Pantone Colour Institute to create a unique identity. This bold move by the Maison’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli flaunts the expressive potential of a monochromatic collection right down to even the finishes and the hardware, and presented on a matching pink set, no less.

Pierpaolo Piccioli gets creative with one shade of pink through the amplification of structure, texture and character. Voluminous lines are sculpted on the body by geometric tucks that highlight the gesture of tightening – sensual s-shaped lines, extremely short hemlines, cinched waists. Embellishments the likes of bows, ruffles, petals, lace and embroideries are proliferated while bags play with proportions as they are blown up or shrunk down in size while details are magnified – the likes of a single giant stud as closure.

The pink-out draws attention to details and enhances individuality, capturing the emotions and personality of the one who adorns each piece. Presented on a variety of bodies, attitudes, and physical attributes, the all-encompassing pink creations in both the men’s and women’s collection are brought to life.

Fronting this campaign are friends of the Maison – actress Zendaya and seven-time Formula One World Champion, Sir Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton’s authenticity, individuality, and fierce advocacy makes him a perfect representative for the first Valentino menswear DI.VAs (DI.fferent VA.lues), a multifaceted character of codes and inner values. Committed to use his position, platform and influence to drive change in motorsport and beyond for future generations, Hamilton launched his own charitable foundation Mission 44 last year to support, champion, and empower young people from underrepresented groups in the UK, through strategic partnerships, collaborations, grants and advocacy. Through the lens of Nicolas Kern, Hamilton is portrayed in a reflective and symbolic pose against a totalizing and intimate pink background with a handwritten manifesto behind.

Pink PP is presented as the colour of love, community, energy and freedom. Projecting the attitude of freedom represented by this powerful shade of pink that goes beyond femininity, Zendaya is dressed head-to-toe in it – a peplum minidress accessorized with sky-high platform boots, a stud bag and gloves, shot by Michael Bailey Gates in a monochromatic and obsessive Pink PP space. The video is given a cinematographic tone by Marcell Rev (from the drama Euphoria, in which Zendaya stars), creating a metaphoric connection with the Valentino Rendez-Vous campaign: a sofa in the middle of the studio acts as a portal to an authentic yet surreal PINK PP world, awakening a dreamlike scenario where the frankness of this single note of colour prevails.

One colour, bold, strong, fluid, extravagant, one colour to summarize everything I like in fashion and everything that I choose to represent: the liberation from the ordinary, a space to be oneself, a loud symbol for equality and love”

– Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Valentino Garavani

Images courtesy of Valentino, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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