Loro Piana: Wearable Tech, Rain or Storm

by Pressroom

Superlative fabrics made waterproof, wind-resistant, and elegant. 

Loro Piana believes in constant research, to improve fabric treatments and attain performance in the harshest conditions. The results of the brand’s leading technologies are its Rain System® and Storm System®, that can be applied to all Loro Piana fabrics without compromising quality. With the brand’s strength in versatility and focus on performance, the systems are used with the noblest natural fibres to preserve softness and breathability.

Here are some pieces for keeps, and why.

The Rain System® treatment makes fabrics water repellent, impermeable, and prevents dust, dirt, and liquid stains from damaging the fabric. An example of Loro Piana’s treatment: the Acland Hoodie, crafted from the Winter Lightest Double Rain System®, is made of double cashmere fabric. The application of a double construction technique means that garments are bonded internally instead of being opened by hand and closed again along the seams.

The Acland Hoodie is available with a full-length zip or up to the neck only, and comes in colour block options with contrasting colours along the seams.

The Storm System® treatment – first launched in 1994 – consists of a double barrier: fabric is treated with Rain System® on the outside, water- and wind-resistant hydrophilic membranes on the inside. Loro Piana then pioneered the Green Storm System® in 2017, an eco-friendly treatment that uses a bio-based membrane derived from renewable plant sources, which in turn utilises 50% less fossil energy sources.

The Traveller Windmate jacket, crafted from Windmate® Storm System®, is Loro Piana’s iconic multi-purpose over-jacket – and an example of its technology synthesising with form and function. The jacket’s exclusive combination of microfibre and cashmere, coupled with its Storm System® treatment, make it adaptable to varying climates, yet remains lightweight and versatile.


Images courtesy of Loro Piana, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.


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