Get Fit with Hermès

by Pressroom

Heard of a fashion gym? #HermèsFit wants you to get your stats on style “fitness” up in this exclusive pop-up.

We follow our fitness routines religiously, recharging and strengthening ourselves in the process. What if we translate that energy into our dress-up routines too, energising ourselves with our choices in style and different fits?

Enter the bespoke Hermès Gym and find a luxurious, fashion twist to familiar workouts. Think yoga with carrés, stretching with belts, and balancing with hats. In a 10-day pop-up gym right in the heart Orchard Road, immerse in fun and fitness by experiencing Hermès accessories in an all-new interactive universe.

Drenched in the Maison’s signature shade of orange, the playful space adorned with graphic motifs houses rooms for schedule workout classes you can sign up for. True to its “gym” concept, you’ll also find a weights wall complete with custom Hermès barbells and kettlebells, a silk-inspired calisthenics course, and even a boxing ring that doubles as a photobooth, a juice bar and more.

An active experience awaits once you leave the locker rooms free from any belongings (or baggage, if you will). Go ahead to pick up a carré and head into Carré Yoga, where you are invited to find your balance in a series of scarf-inspired poses. Then proceed to breathe, stretch and relax with your selected belt in the Belt Stretching section. Once you’ve warmed up to the routine, it’s time to grab your bangles to tone your arms and core in style with Ballet Arms with Bracelets. Next up, Shoes HIIT — where your weights are Hermès shoes — you’re bound to get your heart pumping with the perfect prop for a workout designed to keep you on your toes. Finally, find your Hat Balance, and cool down from your fitness adventure with grace, strength and flexibility in the Small Leather Goods Workout, where you’ll find Kelly wallets and other small leather goods.

All pumped up to take your Hermès game to the next level? Register online to check out the exclusive Hermès gym, or put down your name for a fitness class or two to get in the game. Admission is free.


Where: 16 Orchard Road

When: 14 to 23 April, 11am to 8pm daily


Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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