Delvaux: Leather Mastery at its most ‘Brillant’

by Pressroom

The iconic Brillant handbag comes dressed in new colours, and with a twist that showcases Delvaux’s legacy leather expertise.

When it comes to the making of the leather handbag, Delvaux’s level of artistry is exquisite. The brand’s archives house a legacy of more than 3000 bags that showcase this mastery. Among them, the Brillant stands out with its iconic curves and multi-faceted appeal. Its characteristic shape works in a variety of sizes, and takes on a different appeal when crafted in various types of leather, making it a bag for all seasons. But in every single iteration, the signature horseshoe buckle that spells ‘D’ for Delvaux, locks in its character.

The Brillant’s graceful intricacies continue to charm till today, more than sixty years after its first appearance. In the latest additions to the collection, Delvaux refreshes this iconic design in new shades and with water jet-cut panels hand-sewn with delicate D-shaped leather cut-outs. This creative approach, known as the Arsenal technique, introduces flexibility and movement to the design, adding a new layer of character and nuance. Besides pushing the boundaries of what leather can look and feel like, the Arsenal technique also references traditional Belgian industrial architecture and the brick cladding of Delvaux’s Brussels headquarters.

A captivating history and expert craftsmanship lay the grounds for the Brillant’s appeal. This star of Delvaux’s was born in 1958 under the hands of Paule Goethals. A complex and radical design, the Brillant was inspired by architectural feats and the spirit of innovation that captivated Brussels, host to the World Expo then. In particular, it was the Philips Pavilion, an extraordinary structure designed by Le Corbusier, that fuelled the inspiration for the creation of what would become one of Delvaux’s most iconic bag silhouettes. It takes more than 8 hours of remarkable skill and precision to craft each piece, with every detail attended to in each seasonal transformation – from its leather-covered buttons to the supple leather interior lining and the twisted handle that ensures a comfortable grip. Outstandingly versatile, the Brillant can be carried in multiple ways – worn on the shoulder or across the body with an adjustable strap, or held by its top handle.

Images courtesy of Delvaux, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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