Bvlgari Amorama: Love Letter from Rome

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Explore the intricacies of the ‘Eternal City’ with Bvlgari’s Spring-Summer ’22 collection.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Bvlgari knows this well and leaves one spoilt for choice in their latest Spring-Summer line up. Inspired by the city of Rome, the seasonal collection features 1 new emblematic pattern and 3 colour-related moods expressed in an array of shades, silhouettes and styles for varied tastes and occasions.

The New Infinitum Pattern

Drawing inspiration from the colossal inscriptions on Rome’s obelisks to the absolute splendour of its architectural landmarks that lived through the different seasons of time is a new pattern that symbolises this concept of infinity. Aptly named as ‘Infinitum’, Bvlgari’s iconic logo is transformed into a motif with the continuous repetition of the BVLGARI letters on the structured Bvlgari Tote bag. The style combines form and function in refinement with its roomy interior and the option to be carried by its top handles or worn over the shoulder by the foldable double leather straps.  Crafted from calf leather in Black or Ivory, the body of the bag is thinned to reach the ideal thickness, then hot stamped with the Infinitum pattern to accomplish a three-dimensional effect. A glossy film adds a shiny final touch.

The striking new motif can also be found on a selection of chain wallets, bi-fold wallets, long wallets and card holders, in the colours Black, Ivory Opal and Niagara Sapphire.

The Mood of… Radiance

The first of what Bvlgari describes as the ‘moods’ of the Amorama collection is that of Radiance, akin to daylight in its most delicate, glowing moments of early morning where golden showers are displayed across blue skies in Rome. The portrayal of this splendour of the city takes shape in 5 new styles in the most sophisticated colour palette.

The Serpenti Hobo bag is a standout everyday style with its characteristic half-moon shape and zipped closure secured by a leather strip featuring the Bvlgari serpent head. Carry it by the new Spiga chain combined with an adjustable leather strap or hold it close by its leather handle. Available in two sizes and the seasonal colours Niagara Sapphire, Ivory Opal and Black, the versatile silhouette is crafted in a durable grainy calf leather and flanked by smooth calf leather sides.

The Serpenti Jewellery box is a dressier option inspired by a 1920s silver jewellery box from the Bvlgari Heritage collection. A nod to Bvlgari’s jewellery expertise, the sculptural volume of the top cover invokes faceted precious gems. The Bvlgari serpent head is featured on the zip pullers and the sinuous chain shoulder strap. Adding to its enigmatic aura is a secret internal compartment hidden on the bottom of the case. Wear it as hand-carry or crossbody bag, in the shades of Ivory Opal, Twilight Sapphire or Black Urban Calf Leather and Light Gold or Niagara Sapphire Molten Karung.

The Serpenti Laser-Cut bag’s arresting new radial pattern is a showcase of how the Maison’s artisanal savoir faire is at the forefront of contemporary design; the laser-cut technique achieves the effect of the motif with a descending effect from the outside towards the inside, of dots that become tinier to the point of imperceptibility. This hypnotic motif honours the Maison’s legacy by referencing the sunbeam dial of a Bvlgari Heritage watch, while conjuring up the concentric design of Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. At the same time, it draws the eye to the mesmerising snakehead  with enamelled scales en pendant with the bag’s colour. This new design is available in both the classic Serpenti Forever shape with the jewellery-inspired sinuous chain strap in Ivory Opal and Caramel Topaz Calf Leather, or the equally iconic rendition with top handle and chain and leather strap in Ivory Opal Calf Leather.

Designed to be worn crossbody or over the shoulder, the Serpenti Heritage Mesh bag adds a modern touch to the retro-chic cocktail bag shape with its intricate craftsmanship. The metal mesh dressing the soft body of the bag draws from the iconic circular motif of the BVLGARI BVLGARI jewellery collection, with its legendary double logo engraving recalling the inscriptions on Roman coins.

The Serpenti Full Metal Mesh is an ultra-luminous mini bucket bag with a glowing metal skin. Once again infused with Bvlgari’s flair in jewellery, the bag’s soft and sinuous body is exquisitely assembled by expert Bvlgari craftspeople, and completed with a drawstring closure showcasing the golden heritage snakehead signature on both ends, and a sophisticated chain and leather strap, with captivating snakeheads set among the gourmette meshes.

The Mood of… Sunshine

The source of joy, warmth and energy, the sun tunes Rome’s visitors to its various faces throughout the day. The ‘mood’ of Sunshine reimagines these magical moments into a warm and welcoming colour palette that dresses iconic styles in the brand’s Serpenti range. Available in sunset-inspired hues are the new Serpenti Hobo bag in Coral Carnelian Urban Calf Leather and the Serpenti Laser-Cut crossbody bag in Amaranth Garnet Calf Leather, along with two other new designs.

First off, the new Serpenti Diamond Blast Sunshine Quilted bag recreates infinite sunbeams with soft quilting branching off from the central snakehead closure with en pendant matte and shiny enamelled scales. New frame angles highlight the geometric character of the bag while its monochromatic look is given a touch of glimmer with its golden chain, and a wider leather shoulder strap promises wearability. Its body is crafted in ultra-soft Nappa Leather and completed with more structured Calf Leather frames, both in the shade of Caramel Topaz. Alternative colours it comes in, include the season’s Ivory Opal and Amaranth Garnet Nappa Leather.

The Serpenti Maxi Chain bag exudes a different charm with its new multi-shaded metallic details. Rendered  for the first time in Palmellato Calf Leather to ensure durability that matches its aesthetic appeal, this model features a maxi chain – shading from rose gold on the sides to ruthenium in the centre – that stands out on the Caramel Topaz body along with the heritage snakehead in ruthenium.

The Mood of… Blooming Rome

The third and final ‘mood’ of the collection is Blooming Rome – a showcase of the lively energy of the city with its blooming flowers, vivacious nuances and awe-inspiring optimism. With this, the Maison introduces a jubilant colour palette inspired by the gemstone universe.

To achieve the colour effect, the Serpenti Maxi Chain bag’s thick gourmette chain is refreshed with new enamel inserts, perfectly set mesh by mesh to achieve a harmonic balance between the touch of colour and the metal’s golden glow, and further enhanced by the tiny stones – in matching colours – crowning the heritage snakehead closure. The bag comes in Spring Peridot and Sunbeam Citrine ultra-soft Nappa Leather with matching details.

For a softer rendition, opt for the Serpenti Cabochon Maxi Soft Matelassè bag in the shades of Niagara Sapphire, Coral Carnelian, Sunbeam Citrine and Spring Peridot, made from incredibly soft calf leather quilted into a graphic motif of daring proportions. The heritage snakehead closure, crowned by en pendant gems, as well as the chain handle, comes in different metals to match each colourway. Carry it as a jewel-clutch, via its top handle, or use it as a classic shoulder bag or crossbody using the detachable calf leather strap.

For an even more daring play with colours, the Serpenti Hobo bag comes in Spring Shade Python. The natural scale pattern of the front-cut Python is enhanced through a special hand-sponging procedure which allows the interplay of rainbow colours shade by shade.

Finally, Bvlgari updates the timeless appeal of calf leather with a captivating varnished effect on the Serpenti Forever in Niagara Sapphire with top handle and adjustable shoulder strap, and the compact Serpenti Forever in Spring Peridot crossbody bag. The iridescent glow extends to the matching scales of the snakehead closure to present a captivating pearly effect.

Small leather goods & Accessories

The Amorama collection is rounded off by a selection of fun miniaturised interpretations of the season’s most iconic bags from the Serpenti Cabochon Maxi Soft Matelassè to the Serpenti Forever, and the new Serpenti Hobo bag and Serpenti Jewellery box. The miniatures are faithful reproductions down to the last detail.

New Serpenti bracelets showcase the heritage snakehead’s endless ability to morph into different styles, colours and designs. A new Serpenti Key ring, along with cardholders, wallets and other little luxuries complete the collection.

Images courtesy of Bvlgari, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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