Our Founders


Words have always had a very special appeal to me. The most beautiful thing behind the flourish of words is that unique voice that belongs to only one person.

The process of penning words to page has gone through numerous transformations, from journal entries, to migration over several blogging sites, to finally making home in J-code. As with everything, dreams and aspirations grow, and we take the next step when we know the time is right. And the time, is now.

The intention to take this further is clear. It’s not just about decoding the J-code anymore. This is a portal of dreams, a conglomeration of ideas, a platform for the voice to be heard, and a place where every edition is curated.

Another kind of journey. Another voice. Another edition.

Now, let the words take flight.

About Jeanette:

With a strong foundation in dance and theatre, Jeanette always envisioned herself building a career on stage. However, life had other plans and she was steered in a slightly different direction.

17 years in the entertainment industry, work brought her to different parts of the world – China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia and even Paris and Cannes. She got to experience different makeup and fashion trends that can be quite specific to only that region. Fashion was also presented to her in a very different light. It was almost always about clothing the character, projecting the right image, and nailing it with a look. Film productions put her in a time machine, transporting her from period pieces to old Hollywood glamour era. Cover shoots and red carpet looks allowed for more experimentation on a personal level. In Jeanette’s opinion, fashion is more than just the season’s looks and the runway collection. Fashion is Art. Whereas Style, is personal, and a different thing altogether.

Jeanette runs her own production company, Picturesque Films, the creative muscle that aims to interweave dreams, imagination and reality. Jeanette believes that artistic and creative integrity should never be compromised, and that applies to everything that she commits herself to.



We all have different styles, and it is A-ok.

I have survived a wardrobe, that is ‘so me’, and a wardrobe of ‘I want to be’, both with the same outcome : Never worn pieces sitting right there in the wardrobe instead of my bank account.

And between the two, there are the capsules, classics, brand collaborations, runway and transitionary collections. How do we glow, bling, tell time, and see the world? Do you own just about every other lip colour waiting to be worn, treasure chests that Jack Sparrow will approve of, and pack the less-than-perfect capsule luggage for the perfect holiday?

Nonetheless, we love it. We thrive on the trappings of choice, of the many ways we can express our personalities, moods, and life statement, within the context of our lifestyle.

Let’s do it better. Let’s curate. And, edit.

Let Curatedition bring you the best of the new, highlights from the exciting, exclusives from the action, classics from the runways, and opinions from the best in the know.

Let’s curatedit. (:

About Carol:

Carol is no stranger to fashion. With more than 17 years of local and regional experience – 12 in luxury fashion, three in diamond marketing, and two in publishing – Carol is a consummate marketing and communications professional.

In her last role as the region’s Director of Marketing and Communications for Gucci, she led teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam, in strategic branding, retail and relational marketing, advertising, events, public relations, and digital media management. Over the course of her 12-year tenure with the Group, she has seen and worked on over a hundred sartorial seasons of Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Yves Saint Laurent. The dynamic development of trends across divergent markets continues to fascinate her today.

Passionate about design and craftsmanship, Carol believes that creativity is the soul of fashion and true style is inimitable.