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by Susanah Cheok
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The three-prong beacons of Yves Saint Laurent’s beauty – namely makeup, skincare and fragrance – are power houses in their own right. They pave the way with innovative methods, illuminate the scene with new knowledge, and set things in motion, but always in an unexpected, unprecedented and unique fashion.

Makeup Without Rules

Who doesn’t like makeup with no rules? And that in fact allows us to create our own?

The one true thing in Yves Saint Laurent’s bold, beautiful makeup world, is that there are no compromises.

It is a world where magic is furiously, endlessly spun, and constantly reinventing itself, and where tension is evident, for without it, there would be no creativity: No disciplined control versus wild abandon, no strength against vulnerability, none of YSL’s exceptional brand of powerful femininity.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat range is exemplary of Yves Saint Laurent’s key makeup precepts: colour, light and gesture, manifested in remarkable pigments, extraordinary radiance, and outstanding rituals respectively.

The incomparable Touche Éclat Illuminating Pen, was a game changer when it was launched in 1992, and it continues to be sought after by women and men everywhere, with one sold every 10 seconds in the world.

The magical formulation remains unchanged after a quarter of a century, as the much-lauded wand of beauty celebrates its glorious 25th anniversary this year.

This portable, all-day illuminating pen is a magic wand that quite literally erases dark circles and highlights your best features, a magic pen that gives your face the look of eight hours of beauty sleep, even if you’ve had far less.

All this by just applying it under the eyes, by the sides of the nose and around the corners of the mouth – simply amazing!

The wand’s alchemy comes from luminocaptide complex that catches and creates light, an anti-fatigue agent that offers freshness and plumping hydration, as well as vitamin E, to revive tired-looking skin.

This perfect stick is for all complexions and a wide range of skin tones, and can be used even over makeup, during a mid-day touch-up. The Touche Éclat Illuminating Pen comes in eight shades in Singapore.

Sublimely natural coverage is also promised by Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat Le Cushion.

This revolutionary product is the first YSL cushion to cater to both radiance and coverage, giving your face the right touches of luminosity and turning it into a perfect canvas – it is a one-of-a-kind foundation (lightweight and portable at that) that also offers the astonishingly flattering light of Touche Éclat. All that, plus the comfort of a cooling effect with every application.

Packed into every dainty compact is a light liquid concentrate infused with golden pigments and a refined fluid oil that gives off a reflective sheen, as well as Touche Éclat ’s famed anti-fatigue complex, Vitamin E to shield the skin from harsh elements, in addition to ruscus extract for a glow boost.

This easy-to-apply radiance-inducing foundation is crafted with a liquid gel technology that allows the jellified formula to preserve otherwise highly volatile ingredients, so their effects remain fresh for every wearer.

This on-the-go, everyday foundation that performs in all weather and on all skin types, comes in four all-encompassing shades.

Lip Service

So much more to smile about, starting with the fact that each oblong-shaped, gold-capped capsule of Vernis À Lèvres holds the immeasurable guarantee of a singular lip polish, with the rare intensity of a long-wear stain, the gleam of glossy colour that can only come from a YSL-created shine product, and the comfortable, lightweight feel of the most feather-like lip gloss.

This first-ever ultra-gloss by YSL doubtless feels like silken liquid on the lips, thanks to a matchless formula made up of a fusion of four elements, which as one is called Lifeproof Colour Emulsion.

The peerless emollient is made of ingredients like ethyl cellulose for a wispy veil of strong shine, pure water of up to 30 per cent for unsurpassed freshness and transparency, plus lipcare comforts brought about by polymers and oils, and the piece de resistance concentrated pigments and fine dyes, for long-lasting, unquenchable colour.

Vernis À Lèvres, in YSL’s signature classic golden cap with ergonomic applicator, made just for a woman’s pout, comes in 20 sophisticated shades.

How else does the illustrious Vernis À Lèvres pay lip service to a woman’s dainty maws? With more options in the form of fun spin-off products such as Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water, and Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream.

The very name Pop Water conjures a spectrum of bold, brilliant hues in the form of a liquid salve that offers 10 hours of pure hydration, in addition to all the ingredients that make a Vernis À Lèvres product so desirable.

It is the perfect accompaniment for women who prefer the uncommon pairing of long-lasting, stand-out colours in a translucent manifestation – certainly hard to resist for daily wear in our tropical climate. Select your favourite Vernis À Lèvres  Pop Water from an exclusive range of 12 colours.

More cultish tastes, however, will embrace the erudite persona of Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream. Inside each radical black cuboid is an exceedingly comfortable-to-wear creamy stain, infused with powerful lip care-boosting pigments that render it as shiny as vinyl.

And while the principles of YSL’s beauty are upheld, with colour being well represented by ultra-pigments, light with brilliance-enhancing oils, then gesture must surely be expressed in the form of a YSL-patented slimline applicator for Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream, which has a tip that’s inspired by a cut of diamond, so as to enable any makeup novice to draw a perfect lip every time. Choose from 16 sublime colours.


Power Addiction

YSL’s collection of fragrances, the first of which was created not long after Monsieur Saint Laurent’s debut couture collection in Paris, completes a woman’s ensemble, as without it, she would only be half-dressed.

Yves Saint Laurent’s scents embody the brand’s perpetual style and values and have the distinct qualities of uncompromising creativity, intensity of assertiveness, yet are paradoxes that juxtapose ingredients, notes and colours.

Just the shot to annihilate all things commonplace is the youthful and energetic spirit of the Black Opium fragrance.

Black Opium Eau de Parfum, a best-seller since it was launched in 2014, exudes the original and legendary addictiveness of Opium, but with an evolved bouquet that includes – for the first time ever in a fragrance – a coffee floral, which plays against the softness of white flowers like orange flower absolute, cedarwood essence, patchouli essences and vanilla, to create sparkling tension and a sizzling sort of rock energy.

The scent has the personality of an adventurous, free-spirited woman, who’s liberated, single-minded, resilient, and who seeks new experiences passionately.

The bottle, though still manifested in the original iconic shape, has been re-imagined in an intense black lacquer that scintillates, as would a star-filled sky at midnight, and as if it were charged and forever crackling with electrifying energy.

Launched a year later in 2015, Black Opium Eau de Toilette gets its sweeter, more bubbly bouquet from green coffee, pear, jasmine tea and blond wood. The scent emanates the same dynamism and power of the EDP, albeit a more playful strain.

The rock energy of the scent is reflected on the flagon that holds it – a cheeky celestial body that winks according to its whims. It is Opium bottle-shaped, but sheathed in a subtly rosy veneer.


This post is in collaboration with YSL Beauty.

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