YSL Beauty Global Makeup Envoys

by Susanah Cheok

YSL Beauty’s emissaries breathe life into the brand. They encapsulate its values – of audaciousness, a youthful state of mind, subversiveness and free spiritedness – and personify various facets of the brand, that of passion, a left-bank mode of Parisian opulence, spontaneity and opposing qualities.

Radical and revolutionary, these global beauty ambassadors are never middle of the road, their very diplomatic mission being to inspire youthful energy, strength in femininity, and the ubiquitous tension wrought by creative existential extremes.

Staz Lindes, Rock Goddess

Staz Lindes, the daughter of Dire Straits guitarist, Hal Lindes, is musical royalty, no less, but she rides on no one else’s coat tails but her own. A member of riot girl band, the Paranoyds, she is often referred to as the quintessential 21st century beauty.

This multi-hyphenate, London-born rock guitarist, photographer, and model, is now also an esteemed YSL Beauty ambassador – a name and vocation that is bestowed only to a select few, to those ethereal beings, who truly have the calling, aptitude and inclination for it.

Staz is unarguably classically beautiful, and her individualistic self-styled rock and runway star trappings run the gamut of leather jackets, vintage military wear, and unapologetically strong lips and eyes.

A bona fide representation of her generation, she of the unabashedly sensuous pillow lips and melting Bambi eyes is at once ingénue, brilliant artist and all-round empowered woman.

Authenticity, music and photography as art, and her inherent affinity with Monsieur Saint Laurent’s brand of rebel luxe, make her a natural brand ambassador.

So very auspicious was the day that the L.A. resident was accidentally discovered in a Santa Monica Bowling Alley, and the propitious events that followed, which saw her propelled into the glamorous music, fashion and beauty arenas.

Says the new inductee into the venerated YSL Beauty family:

“To me, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is youthful, cool, edgy and luxurious – I couldn’t be more excited to be joining it as an ambassador for their makeup.”

  • Staz Lindes

Zoe Kravitz, Supreme Thespian

Breath-taking beauty, talents to the hilt, outspokenness that shoots from the hip. Famous parents aside, Zoe Kravitz is all of that and more.

She displays her formidable acting chops on the small screen and has been hailed an actor to watch, when in the miniseries Big Little Lies, she piqued and intrigued audiences around the world, and made them sit up and notice her.

This accomplished recording artist, muse for YSL in the US, is set for even more exceptional successes, starting with her appointment as one of YSL Beauty’s global makeup ambassador.

In this, Zoe joins the ranks of an elite group of beautiful, inspiring and empowered woman, who stand for a youthful, cutting-edge, fearless defiance.

Encapsulating YSL’s heritage tenets means walking the talk, and Zoe does just so by pursuing a life of authenticity.

Unsurprisingly, Zoe is also an adored subject in print editorials. Her personal style on and off the red carpet, flies in the face of conventions, and her uninhibited and refreshing approach to glamour and avant-gardism has also inevitably made her a much-copied and much-followed Instagram star.

Her superlative influence on social media allows her to convey her unstudied brand of nonchalant makeup looks and go-everywhere style tips to her eager fans. Ever the consummate professional, on a YSL Beauty project called “Before the Light”, Zoe strategically employs the creative power of makeup to help budding musical performers discover and uncover their stage soul and personality.

Zoe’s first trailblazing YSL Beauty campaign for Tatouage Couture, YSL Beauty’s range of matte stain colours, was unveiled in August 2017. In it, the supernova was every bit the flawless YSL agent – honest, imaginative, intrepid and stylish.

Says Zoe of YSL Beauty, one of her favourite brands,

“Nothing is forced, nothing is fake, but everything is bold, strong and unafraid.”

Just like Zoe.


This post is in collaboration with YSL Beauty.

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