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by Susanah Cheok

The game-changing YSL Beauty Pure Shots collection – from Night Reboot Serum to Airthin UV Defender – takes care of your complexion’s protection, recovery and rejuvenation all day and night long.

Game-changing. Targeted. Customised. Who doesn’t want these options? With its Pure Shots range, YSL Beauty covers all your bases, without the carpet-bombing and the irrelevance of giving you what you don’t need. After all, no two types of complexions are alike. Within a span of time, the same complexion may change because of lifestyle or stress, and its needs reality could shift greatly. Pure Shots addresses each complexion’s unique and diverse needs, whenever, wherever, and reinvents how you should plan for the daily care of your skin, especially in fast-paced, city living.


The Pure Shots range is based on the best that can be harnessed from nature and the most cutting-edge skincare science and technology available. In fulfilling the potencies of each Pure Shots formula, YSL Beauty sources, without compromise, for the gold standard in potent botanicals obtained from YSL Beauty’s Ourika Gardens in Morocco, such as moonlight cactus, iris, marshmallow, barbary figs, orange blossom and ribose, with vitamins C, E and B, peptides, hyaluronic and glycolic acids.

Mainly worked by hand, the Ourika Gardens’ terraced crops rely on a gravity-fed irrigation system to safeguard manual practices. Its method of eco-friendly, sustainable, and traditional gardening seems to contradict the futuristic scientific purpose behind the botanicals, to be cultivated as signature ingredients for state-of-the-art skincare, but that is also precisely why they need to be hand-cultivated, a labour of love.

Taking a game-changing approach to skincare led by precision medicine, an emerging discipline that seeks to identify treatment and preventive solutions tailored to the individual’s environment and way of life, the YSL Beauty Research team puts under the microscope not only skin, but the life and style of its users.

As such, the YSL Beauty Scientific Advisory Board comprises not only dermatologists, but scientists, botanists and lifestyle experts as part of this modern perspective on skincare, where lifestyle takes centre stage. And in so doing, their advanced scientific analyses and clinical trials found that the urban lifestyle accelerates skin ageing by 30%. This pioneer discovery paves the way for caring and empowering urban skin subjected to stress from fast-living.


Leading the pack to this new approach to skincare is the Night Reboot serum, a bi-phase star formula that contains the rare and potent moonlight cactus, which only blooms for 6 hours in a year. It is able to counter oxidation and works like melatonin to regulate sleep, the lack of which affects skin’s regeneration and regulation adversely. On a more superficial level, this exfoliator-in-oil also contains glycolic acid that polishes skin to a radiant glow. Think of Night Reboot as your must-have maximum maintenance serum to cover all your skincare bases when you’re living fast in the city, but coping.


It’s all well and good when skin is able to combat fast living and still look young, but when specific problems such as pigmentation, dullness, dehydration, lines and sagginess threaten the delicate shield that is your complexion, you’ll need these problem-solving “special-ops” add-ons.

Added Radiance

Light Up Serum makes use of marshmallow and Vitamin Cg, and as its name suggests does double duty in lighting up your skin with a youthful radiance: marshmallow protects the skin from over-exposure to the sun, and Vitamin Cg brightens up the complexion. The result is a serum that’s chroma corrective.

New Smoothness

Lines Away Serum has key active ingredients iris that maximizes the effects of hyaluronic acid, and in combination, the power pair does the job of micro-filling, giving the complexion an optimally hydrated second skin.

Firming Help

Y Shape Serum harnesses barbary figs and peptides. The fig stimulates natural skin hydration and the peptides strengthen the connective structure of the skin. The serum is also what’s called a micro emulsion that allows it to be absorbed quickly by the skin, so you can enjoy fast results and a more sculpted face over time.

Hydration Boost

Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion includes a combination of orange blossom and vitamins E and B3 for optimal moisture and pollution protection. It slathers easily on the skin, thanks to comfortable-on-the-skin micro droplets, to leave skin looking healthy.

Plumping Power

Perfect Plumper Cream, as its name suggests, makes use of orange blossom and ribose to plump up the skin by giving it a real boost in hydration and a heightened glow.



Cutting-edge science always stays sharp. New to the Pure Shots range and much anticipated indeed, is the Airthin UV Defender. It is touted as the ultimate protection for urban skin that, being exposed to harmful UV rays, pollution and dust, suffers accelerated ageing, the signs of which are wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pigmentation. And unlike conventional sun protection products, which can be greasy and heavy, Airthin UV Defender – eight times thinner than any classic UV protection – does its job without suffocating the skin.

Airthin UV Defender strengthens the skin barrier to combat external aggressors (UV rays, pollution and dust), while detoxifying citrus peel from Morocco protects the skin from free radical damage. These active ingredients are infused in an ultra-thin texture (8 times thinner than even YSL Beauty’s classic UV protection products) that lets the skin “breathe”. Light but potent, just a few drops are sufficient to shield the complexion against urban aggressors.

Apart from its light-as-air texture, hydrating and anti-UV properties, Airthin UV Defender also resists heat and humidity, perfect for SG’s tropical city weather. The result of consistent use, in combination with Night Reboot guarantees youthful, fresh-looking skin even as you live fast and age.


Innovation does not stop at formulas and emollients. Pure Shots packaging keeps up with the advancements in terms of its game-changing packaging – edgy, luxurious and green.

Airthin UV Defender comes in a unique dropper tube that combines convenience with precision and is clean, hygienic and easy to use, as it releases only the desired amount for each application, with no mess or wastage.

In keeping with the spirit of sustainability and the luxurious YSL Beauty DNA, each Pure Shots bottle is recyclable and compact enough for a small handbag. In fact, the practical Pure Shots bottle can accommodate four serums, and both cream and serum formulations are refillable.


You don’t have to just take our word for it, but take a leaf out of how YSL Beauty’s KOLs have been getting a phenomenal skin boost through Pure Shots. Despite their manic schedules and the demands that places on their skin (fast, long, late nights), here’s why they are still radiant and glowing.

Introducing to you the all new Pure Shots range by @yslbeauty. The urban life skincare designed to combat fatigued skin, so that you can be the go-getter that you are without ever compromising your skin!

Eugena Bey

Reminiscing last December with the #yslbeautysg crew in Shanghai. Had the best trip ever discovering the innovative new Pure Shots serum and I’m still loving it almost a year on. Just started on my 4th bottle, and I love sharing the good stuff so, go grab it!

Kimberly Haley Wang

Searching for the Ourika Gardens. Huge fan of the @yslbeauty Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum – currently 4th bottle and counting and successfully converted my mom into a fan too! ⁣

Ayden Sng 

If you are venturing into @yslbeauty Pure Shots range, I’ll definitely recommend the Night Reboot Serum which is now available in 20ml and 30ml. For daytime protection, the latest Airthin UV Defender seems like a nice companion! If you are going all out, I’d say, grab the Pure Shots Light Up Serum and the Perfect Plumper Cream too! Tried them, love them! 

Min Poh

As I progress in my 30s, with life coming at me fast and furious, I crave solid, effective, fuss-free solutions to life, including my skincare. I have not found any other SPF as light, as un-greasy as the @yslbeauty Pure Shots Airthin UV Defender, and in addition to that, also doubles up as a primer and holds makeup in place! In addition to protecting by day, the Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum also reboots the skin by night. The serum absorbs equally quickly and used together, form a quick and complete solution to the urban lifestyle. Totally sold with this one.

Jaime Lee


From 12 to 30 September, sign up for a complimentary 4-day Night Reboot Serum sampling kit (consisting 4 pieces of Night Reboot Serum 1ml sachet) at any YSL Beauty Counter in Singapore.

Images courtesy of YSL Beauty, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.


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