YSL Beauty Brand Story

by Susanah Cheok

YSL, one of the fashion and beauty world’s most famous acronyms, is also the prized initials of the French fashion and beauty brand’s beloved founder, Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent.

The Yves Saint Laurent Story

The French Algerian creative genius dressed the world with his infinite imagination and the charms of the East and Africa, cultures and concepts which inspired his fashion collections that transcended mindsets and generations.

Saint Laurent was way ahead of the curve and this was clear in the anti-establishment cosmetics he advocated, from powerful colour-enriched beauty palettes, to unforgettable fragrances that have become luxury emblems in their own right.

He also sought to impart a sense of completeness to the world of women through skincare products and rituals that upheld the uncompromising lesson that “elegance is charm in the face. A mystery. A way of moving.” In other words, the woman as a living, breathing canvas, preceding everything else.

Strong Beauty

In 1978, the beauty arm of YSL was born. A beauty arm this empowering should really be called an armory. When Yves Saint Laurent stepped into the world of beauty with his trademark makeup collection in très luxe hallmark gold cases and intense colours with exquisite pigments, it was clear he batted for the bold, rebel woman, who isn’t afraid to be herself, even if it means standing out for being different.

YSL’s colour palettes to this day continue to capture the imagination of this trendsetter and rule-breaker, and she in turn wears her heart – in just those indelible shades – proudly on her sleeve.

YSL Beauty may have been a brand extension – of its compelling couture saga – that only formed long after the unfolding of its grand fashion story that began in 1961, with the founding of the Yves Saint Laurent house of fashion, and that was followed with the birth of iconic yet avant-garde fragrances such as Y in 1964, Saint Laurent Rive Gauche in 1971, and Opium in 1977, but it now a vibrant life force of its own.

New Y fragrance for men launches at counters on 15 November 2017

Not only that, YSL Beauty’s tenets – Paris, Love, The “Here and Now”, Colour Tension – stand head and shoulders among the brand’s other values: Youth, Audacity, Subversion and Freedom.

In amidst YSL’s unique blend of femininity and masculinity, authenticity, classicism and innovativeness is Love, which is at the centre of everything, and where everything begins. Love as an extreme, impassioned feeling, and a cherished value, is priced above all else.

Paris, the city of love and lights is also the birth place of love, and of the brand. Paris is for YSL, the quintessential city, where life, beauty, and revolutions begin.

There is nothing more a la minute, of the moment, or spontaneous, as The ”Here & Now”. Yves Saint Laurent brand’s cutting-edge sharps lies in its knack for creating the right things at the right time and for being timeless, authentic, evolutionary and relevant.

The superlative value of Colour Tension serves to provoke, to be game-changing, and colour is the key to the absolute power of seduction, colour as a gripping force, where every colour is heightened in its intensity. With YSL Beauty, the reds bleed fiercely, the pinks blush charmingly, and the blues are cool beyond the clearest azure waters. With YSL Beauty, there are no half measures and no room for bland mediocrity.



This post is in collaboration with YSL Beauty.

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