The Subtle Allure of Rose Hermès

by Pressroom

Hermès Beauty melds the art of colour, design and beauty once again, in a palette of blushing pinks.

If the founding gesture of Hermès Beauty, Rouge Hermès was a bold statement of colour and distinctive lines, the latest Rose Hermès is a delicate palette of tenderly sensual hues and fresh radiance grounded in pink. The new chapter continues to pursue the creation of lasting, refillable objects comprising the Rose Hermès Silky Blush in 8 shades, a Pommette blush case, two brushes, and three rosy lip enhancers.

Rose Hermès initiates a subtle unveiling of the complexion, a natural next step in the expression of beauty according to Hermès.


Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès

The focus on pink follows the colour’s narrative present in objects found in the Émile Hermès museum. From the softest “cuisse de nymphe” to the most intense “cherry”, shades of pink play different roles – from the pink silk interior of a carriage from the Romantic era, to imparting an otherworldly presence to an Art Deco table in shagreen marquetry, pink paints the birth of a dawning day, and lends a signature of exuberance without losing tenderness.

It is a spectrum of reverie rather than a bold and delineated colour. It is a palette of shades that sketches contours without fixing them, animating the face and giving it movement. Evanescent, progressive, almost blurred, Rose Hermès lends itself to every transformation. It can be blended, shaded, intensified. It is life itself. It reveals emotions.


Jérôme Touron, Creative Director of Hermès Beauty

The colour has a historical footprint in the Maison. Hermès pink was born in the spring of 1961; the pink Azalée woollen suit took on a distinctive shade of pink that won hearts over and over again. The colour intensified in the 1980s on Hermès scarves, from La Fabrique des Rubans to Théâtre d’ombres. This year, Hermès Beauty embraces pink in its natural, charming iterations to enhance the aura of a complexion and accentuate features in the form of the Rose Hermès Silky Blush. Hermès Beauty’s Creative Director Jérôme Touron calls it “an analogy of material between powder and silk. They offer the same delicacy, the same softness, the same radiance. This inspiration is further reflected on the surface of the powder, which is textured like the fine rib of silk twill.”

Housed in nothing less than an object of art, the Rose Hermès Silky Blush charms with its round case – a disc of white and gold light in satin-finish permabrass, marked with the concave ex-libris created by Émile Hermès in 1923 and designed by Pierre Hardy to become an exceptional object for everyday use with its lightness. It is designed to last, with a replaceable powder pan. Its surface reproduces the twill weave of Hermès scarves, and the fine powder imparts a long-lasting yet translucent, buildable colour while Vitamin E provides antioxidant properties. Every stroke on your skin diffuses a new fragrance created by Christine Nagel in the same vein as Rouge Hermès, with notes of arnica and sandalwood and hints of green tea.

The design philosophy extends to the accompanying accessories. The Blush brush, with its lacquered wooden handle and brushed metal ferrule, features gentle goat bristle fibres hand-assembled by a French brush-maker. To make it a true everyday companion wherever you may go is the handy Travel blush brush with strong, easy-to-clean synthetic fibres and a metal handle in white lacquer and brushed gold, along with the Pommette blush case with an adjustable shoulder strap in Rose Extrême Madame calfskin specifically designed for Rose Hermès Silky Blush.

Joining the line of Hermès lipsticks is the Rosy Lip Enhancer in 3 fresh, translucent shades of pink that give the lips a weightless, matte luminosity, thanks to a formula enriched with an exclusive extract of white mulberry (Morus alba L.). Inspired by the soft, voluptuous finish Butler calfskin developed by Hermès in 2012 and often used for bags in natural shades, the Rosy Lip Enhancer mimics the delicate candlewax texture to give the lips a weightless, matte luminosity, while also echoing the Maison’s living legacy of leather artisans applying warm, kneaded beeswax to coat and protect their linen threads prior to saddle stitching.

The Rosy Lip Enhancer allows a precise yet generous application with its bevelled and slightly rounded shape. Reparative raspberry seed oil and sesamin-based nutrients nourish the lips while added mineral powders offer a soft-focus effect in a matte finish. Every swipe across your lips sets off the harmonious scents of sandalwood, arnica and angelica. Dressed in lacquered matte pink against the lines of the golden cylinder, the refillable lip colour is alluring inside and out.

Design is where necessity meets fantasy. Objects must come to life through a creative approach that pushes them further, transcending their utility…

The idea is to move from the abstract to the sensual. It is not simply ‘packaging’, but rather an object that is both desirable and discreet. A symbol, a promise, a courtesy.


Pierre Hardy, Creative Director of Hermès shoes and jewellery

Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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