Sulwhasoo: Achieving the Fine Art of Balanced, Harmonious Beauty

by Susanah Cheok
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Sulwhasoo is more than just a luxury beauty brand from Korea that proffers exquisite, effective skincare products. It is an artistic, holistic way of achieving harmony and balance in life.

When Sulwhasoo first burst onto Singapore’s beauty market in 2012, reception by initiated individuals for its products was overwhelming. Thanks to Sulwhasoo’s preceding reputation, insiders and customers (both current and potential) were excited to indulge in its array of products that are known to be both effective and pampering.

Six years on, what many people here may still not know about Sulwhasoo, is the fact that it is a way of beauty life that, since 1966, when its ginseng research was formed, gave birth to a holistic philosophy which rests firmly on the essence and foundation of harmonious, balanced Asian beauty, wellness, and wisdom.

Artisanal Legacy

In all aspects, from its product ingredients, rituals, specific techniques and tools, to its external image, Sulwhasoo is founded on brand values of holistic thinking and practice, as well as artisanal ingredients. In short, it pursues and achieves balanced beauty.

Sulwhasoo is holistic beauty borne of Asian wisdom and deep learning, a beauty point of view that’s spread through generations and space for over 52 years, since that start of its ginseng research, ginseng being the wonder root of every Sulwhasoo product, the well-hailed botanical heal-all that in traditional Asian medicine, is known to strengthen the body wholly.

Heritage Ingredients

Precious is Sulwhasoo’s exclusive and efficacious list of heritage ingredients that are deeply rooted in the promotion of skin wellness – besides the treasurable Korean herbal medicinal ingredient ginseng, the legendary medicinal root, a Sulwhasoo heritage ingredient of the brand that infuses the skin with vitality, there is Jaum Balancing Complex™, a Sulwhasoo signature formula that restores skin balance when in collaboration with its five other secret ingredients, and red pine, a Sulwhasoo premium ingredient that’s the key to maintaining youthful skin through the years.

  • Ginseng

Beauty Philosophy

For Sulwhasoo, every product, every ritual, every value is shaped by the principles of harmony and balance.

Sulwhasoo’s skincare products, no matter their specific beauty purposes, are neither excessive nor insufficient, but just what the skin needs and perfectly complete. They work to achieve what is considered ideal beauty and ultimate allure in the Asian context, where being self-possessed is part of beauty’s intrinsic value.

Harmony and balance are also proudly displayed on Sulwhasoo’s brand values, product packaging and imagery. Externally, balance can be discerned from its symbol, a showing of the fact that the Sulwhasoo brand of life marries delicacy with resilience.

In Sulwhasoo’s product packaging is also a purposeful pattern that reflects balanced beauty in terms of the pairing of curves with straight lines. Even the very shapes and aesthetics of the vessels that hold every precious Sulwhasoo emollient speak at once of simplicity and voluptuousness.

Cultural Tradition for the Future

For Sulwhasoo, there is nothing more fundamental in fulfilling its beauty philosophy of harmony and balance than the fact of combining the traditional and cultural, with the modern realms of product research, technology and efficacy.

This is well reflected in the rituals of Sulwhajeong, where holistic harmony and balance in beauty is achieved with exquisite products used in a prescribed, uniquely experiential way: first of all, through deep inhalation of serum rubbed on warm palms to relax the mind and body. Product is then applied on the forehead, chin, cheeks and closed eye area, with firm cupping motions.

Next, to initiate skin’s reception of moisture and nutrients, a nourishing and hydrating salve is applied on skin with warm hands, using light finger-tapping motions.

The final and advanced step in the Sulwhasoo application ritual is the use of pressure on points of the face. By massaging key pressure points on the face, skin’s firmness and elasticity are maintained. This also serves to boost the efficiency of the ingredients in the products.

Exclusive Tools

Sulwhasoo’s exclusive beauty tools are really one of their best-kept secrets to ensuring every face is touched with extraordinary results after any one of their remarkable facials. The purpose of these well thought out tools is to improve skin’s receptivity to the products, so that these can work their wonders even more efficiently.

Understandably, each tool is paired with a particular type of facial: For the Hydro Aid Moisturising Soothing Treatment, white porcelain is used; in the Snowise Brightening Treatment, white jade is wrought; in the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment, cool jade rings are employed, while in the Time Treasure Renovating Treatment, warmed amber is manipulated.

Besides working its tactile magic, these timeless tools aid in and accelerate the drainage of toxins, improve circulation and skin’s absorption of products, all of which culminate in the creation of a meaningful, everlasting beauty that deflects and transcends space and time.

Beauty Balance, Attained

Enter the world of Sulwhasoo, and witness how your skin blossoms to achieve its individual state of perfection and harmony. Sulwhasoo is a name that invokes wholeness, completeness, balance, and harmony. It is a world where gravitas is juxtaposed with levity, where firmness meets gentle yielding, where tradition is married with modern beauty, science, and technology.


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