shu uemura x Sadaharu AOKI Paris: Delightfully delectable

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There’s matcha to be excited about in this makeup capsule.

From Pokemon to Onitsuka Tiger and One Piece, Japanese beauty brand shu uemura has always chosen remarkable labels and personalities to collaborate with, and this season is no exception.

Spring 2021 sees shu uemura partner with award-winning Japanese pâtissier Mr Sadaharu Aoki to create a delightful, multi-sensorial makeup experience… minus the calories.

If you’ve had the fortune of setting foot into one of Mr Sadaharu Aoki’s eponymous pâtisseries in Paris or Tokyo, you know the exquisite temptation that awaits. And if you haven’t, brace yourself for some serious cravings.

Visual and textural treats

The haute pâtisserie-inspired collection by shu uemura x Sadaharu AOKI Paris speaks as much to gourmets as to beauty fans, with 2 cake-sized eye palettes and 6 delectable lip shades to choose from. Headlining this enticing assortment of beauty treats are 2 refreshing Spring shades: a zesty matcha green and a peppy azuki pink.

eye palettes matcha génoise and azuki feuilleté ($108)

Sitting pretty in spongy nylon cases styled like Sadaharu Aoki’s gorgeous glazed cakes, the compact eye palette packs 10 highly-pigmented shades that are specially selected to flatter Asian complexions. Each palette also features exclusive new crushed-stone textures (in green and pink, of course) and an array of complementary hues for artful blending.

The limited edition lipsticks come in 4 new shades (cherry cream, mikan ginger, azuki caramel, and coral gelée) and 2 signature shades (ume mousse and framboise crush). These lippies boast different textures, including shu uemura’s well-loved matte finish, and the brand-new glitter lacquer shine that will give your pout an ultra-juicy sheen.

A tantalising whiff

rouge unlimited matte ($44) in cherry cream (new), mikan ginger (new), ume mousse, and framboise crush.
rouge unlimited lacquer shine ($44) in azuki caramel (new texture) and coral gelée (new).

Like Sadaharu Aoki’s inspired confections, each makeup treat also packs an olfactory surprise. The eye palettes and rouge unlimited matte lipsticks are infused with the invigorating scent of freshly brewed matcha, while the rouge unlimited lacquer shine – including the new glitter lacquer shine – lipsticks ooze the irresistible appeal of sweet and fragrant azuki beans. If the look and feel of each makeup treat has yet tempted you to take a little lick or nibble, the sumptuous scents might well push you off the edge… but don’t.

The full package

To indulge your desire to decorate your vanity like a well-stocked pâtisserie, the shu uemura x Sadaharu AOKI Paris collection also offers three iconic products – the ultime8 sublime cleansing oil ($165), hard formula ($33) and petal 55 foundation brush ($80) – in the same striking matcha green and azuki pink packaging as the other goodies.

Resistance may well be futile.

Images courtesy of shu uemura, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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