shu uemura unlimited foundation: It’s a Perfect Match!

by Li Yuling

Get set to meet your match, meet your finish.

If there were a Tinder for foundations, you should definitely swipe right on shu uemura’s unlimited foundation.

Lightweight and long-wearing, shu uemura unlimited breathable lasting fluid foundation first won us over in 2019, when 24 different bespoke shades for Asian skin were launched. Specially formulated to suit a diverse palette of Asian complexions, the award-winning foundation has been lauded for its natural, even and breathable coverage that holds up well in heat and humidity. With sebum- and sweat-absorbing powders plus a volatile formula that evaporates into an ultra-thin layer, the foundation keeps skin looking fresh and flawless for to 16 hours.

Now, the shu uemura unlimited range has expanded to include the new glow breathable care-in-foundation with a glow finish and extra skin-loving benefits. The care-in-foundation has the same staying power and second-skin feel as its semi-matte sibling, but gives your complexion a soft, as-if-lit-from-within radiance.

Japanese perfection

A leading authority on Asian beauty, shu uemura is synonymous with expertise, artistry, and quality. The Tokyo-born brand blends art and science to develop innovative cosmetics and skincare products that embrace and enhance every individual’s natural beauty. In the same spirit, shu uemura’s unlimited foundation range exalts Asian beauty and uniqueness by providing an impeccable skin-tone match and two gorgeous finishes.

In makeup as in art, a beautiful canvas is essential. That’s why shu uemura unlimited foundations are infused with unique skincare ingredients from Japan. Found in both the semi-matte fluid foundation and the new glow care-in-foundation, Japanese organic rice extract keeps dullness at bay and helps colour stay true all day.

The shu uemura unlimited glow breathable care-in-foundation also features the potent extract of the rare Japanese white peony – found only in Uonuma, Niigata – which boosts skin’s barrier function. Thanks to this premium ingredient and the foundation’s glow finish, your skin will not only feel softer but also look healthier and brighter.

Tailor-made for Asian skin

To understand and cater to the vast range of Asian skin tones, shu uemura analysed the complexions of more than 3,000 Asian women. Combined with the atelier’s wealth of hands-on experience in working with Asian faces, this enabled shu uemura to develop its advanced and precise HVC shade system.

The HVC system accurately maps subtle variations of shade based on three factors, hue, value and chroma, which are expressed as three digits on each of the 24 shades. It comprises:
5 variances of Hue (running from 3 to 7), which measure the coolness (pinkness) or warmth (yellowness) of your skin undertone;
7 indices of Value (from 8 to 2), which indicate the relative lightness of your skin to others’; and
3 levels of Chroma (from 3 to 5), which is also known as shade intensity, and refers to the brightness or purity of the foundation shade. This is pre-set to ensure the shade blends well with your skin tone, without appearing too dull or bright.

With shu uemura’s HVC colour system, finding your ideal skin tone match is a simple process. First, you identify the relative lightness of your skin. The value 5 is considered the midpoint; people typically described as fair would suit values 5 and up, while those with darker complexions tend to suit values below 5.

Next, you select the hue based on the undertone of your bare skin. If you’re unsure as to whether your skin undertone is cool or warm, try this: Look at the underside of wrist where your veins are visible. If your veins appear greenish, your skin undertone is warm, and your shu uemura foundation code will begin with the digit 7. If your veins appear more bluish or purplish, your skin tone is cooler and likely to have hints of rosiness. Your foundation code may begin with the digits 3 or 4. And, if it’s not clear whether your veins have green or blue tinges, your skin undertone may be classified as neutral, and your foundation code will begin with 5.

Two tools, Two finishes

If finding your perfect foundation match is not exhilarating enough, shu uemura elevates the experience further by offering a choice of two well-crafted tools: the iconic petal 55 foundation brush and the brand new petal 55 sponge. Thoughtfully designed to make foundation application effortless, both promise to deliver unrivalled sensorial comfort and beautiful results for your chosen shu uemura unlimited foundation finish.

Handmade by Japanese artisans, the petal 55 brush has a flat top and the perfect density for blending the unlimited breathable lasting fluid foundation foundation evenly onto skin. With 189,000 soft and flexible bristles, the brush leaves a streak-free and poreless finish every time. To optimise foundation application on different parts of the face, the brush is also cleverly shaped like a petal. Use the wide section over larger areas like the cheeks, forehead and chin, and use the narrow section for precise blending around the nose and eyes.

With a similar ergonomic tetragonal-shaped handle as the petal 55 brush, the petal 55 sponge fits snugly in the hand so you can layer the unlimited glow breathable care-in-foundation onto your skin with a light touch. It lets you build coverage, blend foundation seamlessly into skin, and enhance your glow on the cheekbones and other high points of the face. What’s more, this clever tool is designed with sustainability in mind as the sponge can be removed, cleaned and reused.

Meet 3 women who met their match and met their finish

In Singapore as in other parts of Asia, both shu uemura unlimited foundations have been very well received. We got Sophia Chia, Education Manager at shu uemura Singapore, to share tips on picking the right foundation and creating different looks. Here’s what three Singaporean women had to say – and show – after finding their match in shade and finish.

“Matte and bold versus glowy and soft. I love how the two different shu uemura unlimited foundations give off two different vibes from the finishes. Which finish do you prefer? I love how both are incredibly lightweight and breathable, but have enough coverage at the same time – perfect for our humid weather. Here I’m wearing the shade 674, which is so close to my natural complexion!” Cheryl Chou, Basic Artistes

Sophia’s tips: As Cheryl is very fair, foundations with value 7 (the middle in her three-digit shade code) will suit her skin tone. Most people in Southeast Asia have skin undertones ranging between neutral and warm/yellow. In Cheryl’s case, her complexion has a warm undertone, so her hue match is 6 (first digit in her shade code). A telling sign that you have a warm skin undertone, like Cheryl, is if gold jewellery sits better on your skin rather than silver.

“I’m a new user of shu uemura’s unlimited foundations. I have tried both the iconic unlimited semi-matte and the new unlimited glow foundations and I am sooooo in love with both of them, because they met both my match and finish perfectly! They are super lightweight and breathable! I love how they enhance my natural complexion and provide full coverage, yet are also very long-lasting! The unlimited foundations come in a range of 24 tailor-made shades for asian skin; I personally am very impressed that I have found a foundation so close to my natural skin tone.” Tasha Low, TCP Artiste

Sophia’s tips: Tasha’s match is 564, which means her skin undertone is neutral, as denoted by the first digit 5; and her fair complexion matches foundations with value 6. Besides experimenting with the semi-matte and glow finishes, Tasha can also toy with other undertones to create different looks and impressions. To complement outfits or accessories in blue, pink, purple, or black, she can try shade 364, which has a cooler undertone. Or for sunny, energetic vibes, Tasha can try shade 764, which has a warmer undertone, and pairs well with cheerful wardrobe colours like orange, amber, yellow, green or maroon.

“Two finishes, double the possibilities! Recently had some fun creating looks with shu uemura’s unlimited foundations and I loved it! The iconic semi-matte foundation is super long-wearing yet with a breathable coverage so it works great for a long day out and shoots. The new unlimited glow foundation is even more lightweight, and it gives my skin a natural glow while still keeping it fresh! Love it for a daily natural look; also my freckles get to still peek through. The foundations come in 24 shades tailor-made for asian skin. I’m a shade 554, which is perfect for me!”  Hashy Yusof

Sophia’s tips: For fuller coverage, Hashy can use either the Petal 55 brush or her finger tips to apply the semi-matte foundation. Keep the brush strokes short to minimise foundation streaking. For a lighter coverage and a sheer finish, use the Petal 55 sponge with the glow care-in-foundation. Using the sponge, apply the foundation with a tapping motion on high points of the face, like the cheekbones, to enhance the glow. By squeezing the sponge gently as she taps, she can deposit more glow.

Get a truly personal match

Ready to meet your match and finish? Visit the shu uemura atelier, and you’ll find your dream foundation with some help from their friendly artists. Or, if you prefer shopping from the comfort of home, use shu uemura’s intuitive foundation shade finder to get your perfect personal match – in minutes.

All it takes is a few taps and swipes on your screen as you answer some simple questions about your skin. If you like your suggested match, you can order it through the site and your purchase will be sent to your doorstep. Meet your match, meet your finish – it’s never been easier.

Try shu uemura’s foundation shade finder here.

Images courtesy of shu uemura, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.


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