shu uemura Botanicoil: Beyond Cleansing

by Pressroom

Melt away the remains of the day.

We perform many roles in the everyday of life. At the end of a long day, cleansing is the perfect ritual to unwind and prepare to start anew.

The latest in a line of cleansing oils that have become a cult favourite, shu uemura’s Botanicoil hopes to not just remove your make-up, but also revive your senses and relax your mind. Like its predecessors, Botanicoil provides an effortless cleanse… and more. The plant-based cleansing oil purifies your skin without stripping it of moisture, and delivers the soothing citrus-herbal scent of sustainable yuzu extract harvested from Japan’s Kouchi prefecture.

The yuzu is a citrus fruit vital to Japanese culture and forms the essence of Botanicoil. The healing yuzu bath – an ancestral tradition dating back to the Edo era – is usually taken during the winter solstice in Japan to relieve stress, prevent the flu and set new intentions for the new year. In the same vein, Botanicoil sets out to renew and revitalise your everyday with 4 easy steps.

Step 1 – Apply 3 to 4 pumps of Botanicoil to dry hands. Warm it between your palms.

Step 2 – Massage gently over a dry face for 1 minute, beginning from the nose and moving outwards along your cheeks, upwards to your temples and over your eyelids and forehead, ending back at the nose.

Step 3 – Moisten the face with lukewarm water. Massage continuously as the cleansing oil emulsifies.

Step 4 – Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Botanicoil melts away your make-up, stress and weariness, and also brings awareness to sustainability. The 91% natural-origin cleansing oil features a 99% biodegradable formula, and is housed in a 100% recyclable PCR plastic bottle.

Available online and in-store at shu uemura beauty boutiques and counters.


Images courtesy of shu uemura, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.


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