Les Mains Hermès: Elemental Expressions

by happy baggage

The third chapter of Hermès Beauty devotes undivided attention to the hand, the epitome of care.

A reflection of the self, hands create, communicate, care, and caress. Like the face, hands give expression to our inner world. In the House of Hermès, there is no greater tool than the hand. The third chapter of Hermès Beauty exalts the hand with a complete beauty repertoire that combines care and colour. Les Mains Hermès is a dedication to beloved hands, comprising a complete hand cream, a nourishing oil for nails and cuticles, a protective base coat, nail enamels in 24 beautiful shades, a top coat, and a set of nail files.

The hand is the epitome of care. It is our partner, our eye, our identity. It has no gender, it signals behaviours, it is the hand of the rider or the artisan. It is both powerful and delicate.

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès

At Hermès, hands create objects of beauty; through touch, the artisans’ hands “see” what their eyes may not; and in their mastery of gestures, hands exalt the art and traditions of the craftsmen. Honoring the work and value of hands, the Mains Hermès collection is designed to nourish, hydrate, protect, restore, and beautify every part of your hand, from skin to nail.

Hermès care is designed like an intimate and pure essential object… The tube of cream is very pure, and quite remarkable in its functionality… There is no camouflage, no pretence, no ambiguity. Used to its full, and with the greatest respect, the material—left bare—embodies the high standards of luxury in simplicity.

Pierre Hardy, creator of Hermès Beauty objects, creative director of Hermès shoes and jewellery


Complete hand care cream

Composed of 98% natural ingredients and Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert, Les Mains Hermès Complete Hand Care Cream is the first care product by Hermès Beauty. Rich in plant actives such as white mulberry extract, natural moss, and Passiflora oil, the balm-like cream offers deep hydration and skin-protective benefits. The fast-absorbing formula also includes a nail-nourishing plant-based emollient complex blended with precious mastic resin tears. The hand pampering experience is elevated by the cream’s warm aroma with uplifting herbal notes of sandalwood, arnica absolute, patchouli and rosewater.

Nail and cuticle nourishing oil

Also certified by Cosmos Natural, Les Mains Hermès Nail and Cuticle Oil is a 100% natural blend of five nourishing oils, tears of mastic resin, white mulberry extract, and vitamin E. Non-greasy and easy to apply, it softens the cuticles and fends off dryness.


Les Mains Hermès Nail Polish comes in 24 shades – after the street number of Hermès’ address in Paris, 24 Fauborg Saint-Honoré.

Strengthening and protective enamel base coat

With 69% of its formula comprising natural ingredients, the translucent white Les Mains Hermès Base Coat not only smoothens and fortifies nails, but also helps nail colours last longer.

Nail enamel

Available in 24 shades ranging from soft pink (Rose Porcelaine) to classy grey (Gris Étoupe) and lush green (Vert Écossais), Les Mains Hermès Nail Polish has a high concentration of ultra-fine pigments for intense colour payoff. Its long and supple rounded brush enables precise and even application.

Top Coat

With a transparent gel texture, Les Mains Hermès Top Coat gives nails a high-gloss, mirror polish finish that boosts the colour of the polish and gives it more depth.


Nail files

Perfectly sized, each of the 12 nail files in the box have two sides with different functions. The beige side shapes your nail while the finer-grained orange side smoothes and perfects the manicure.

Nail enamel carousel

Held together by an adjustable harness, this beautiful three-layered carousel, crafted in Terre Battue-coloured Tadelakt calfskin, is designed to house all 24 shades of the nail enamel, the nourishing oil as well as the base and top coats.

Les Mains Hermès Complete Hand Care (100ml) retails at $185; Les Mains Hermès Nail and Cuticle Oil retails at $79; Les Mains Hermès Nail Files (box of 12) retails at $58; and Les Mains Hermès Base Coat, Top Coat, and Nail Polish retail at $74 each. The full collection will be available at Hermès Singapore from 15 October 2021.

Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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