Hermès Plein Air: Naked Beauty

by Susanah Cheok

The esteemed French House of Hermès, jewel of a luxury life less ordinary, brings you second skin in their new foundation collection.

For the House that started with saddlery, but never stopped at, that went on to build its collections for the charmed life-on-the-go, a beauty métier is inevitable. Hermès’ beauty métier, gets even more robust, as Hermès Plein Air joins its ranks of exquisite lipsticks and nail colours.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hermès Plein Air is complexion makeup created to put an ethereal glow on your face, while allowing your skin to shine through naturally and simply breathe.

This beauty chapter is committed to caring for and enhancing the complexion in a way that elevates its natural beauty. This fresh approach to foundation beauty does not cover-up, but liberates skin to breathe.

All five products in the Hermès Plein Air collection act on turning base makeup technology and techniques on their heads, by staying light, refreshing and revealing of one’s true beauty.

Cutting-Edge Cosmetics

The Natural Enhancing Complexion Balm affords you skin that has nothing to hide. Its innovative texture is the result of a collaborative effort between Hermès and a Japanese laboratory specialising in the sensory properties of materials. These latter masters in the technology of how materials envelop, contour and soften skin, have found a genius way to manufacture products that paint a flattering and luminous veil of colour on the skin, which can also last for an impeccable eight hours.

As a result, the complexion becomes instantly even, yet remains translucent, as small facial inconsistencies are perfectly misted out. Light and easy to apply, even for makeup novices and non-professionals, more layers of the balm can be added according to each wearer’s preference. The complexion balm is intuitive and simple to apply. Dotted on the forehead, temples, cheekbones and chin, then delicately smoothed over the entire face with the fingers, the product is worked into the skin in a matter of seconds, just enough for it to become one with the epidermis, like radiant second skin.

The Complexion Balm as a foundational makeup product not only brings out the radiance and youthfulness of one’s complexion, it also takes care of the skin. As it’s applied, the formula releases carefully selected active ingredients: hyaluronic acid complex for long-lasting hydration, suppleness and comfort; evening primrose oil and Baikal skullcap for protection against external aggressors and pollution; white mulberry extract for a natural glow, as well as SPF 30 / PA+++ protection against daily incidental exposure to ultraviolet rays.

This light pigmented cream is suitable for all skin types, and a single shade adjusts to several skin tones.

This true beauty product is also augmented with the fragrance created by Christine Nagel for Hermès Plein Air – a blend of regenerative arnica, with essence of comforting sandalwood, enveloped in invigorating notes of green tea. At $148

The Radiant Glow Powder is a delicate, universal illuminator that offers a soft, silky, weightless veil on the skin. It contains extracts of white mulberry, with refined emollients and pigments that instantly reflect light to soften the complexion.

The Radiant Matte Powder is translucent and infinitely light, but its invisible presence has the power to mattifying shine, so that only the radiance of the complexion remains. It also has treatment properties from extracts of white mulberry and emollient ingredients to maintain the skin’s beauty.

These versatile powders can be applied to bare skin or over the Complexion Balm. The subtle golden pink of the radiant glow powder highlights the cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow. It is applied as required with a finger or the Powder Brush.

Used in the morning or for daytime touch-ups, the Radiant Matte Powder is applied over the whole face or only on the shiny T-zone of forehead, nose and chin with the powder brush. Both products at $136.

Tender Tools

Used correctly, the Powder Brush can elevate the application of the Radiant Matte Powder. Designed by Pierre Hardy, its lacquered wooden handle comes in three colours and sits ergonomically in the hand.

The ultra-soft natural goat hair fibres, hand assembled by a French brush-maker, form a generous, rounded shape that is perfect for lifting just the right amount of powder and depositing it in a delicate veil over the entire face, like a gentle breeze. At $203.

Such exquisite mattifying paper one has never been seen before! That’s because the Blotting Papers Hermès has created are made from hemp fibres, wood pulp and soft kozo fibres from the paper mulberry tree.

Patted over the forehead, nose or chin, the paper absorbs shine without adding powder. The size of the papers has been designed to cover larger areas such as the forehead in a single action. These papers are presented in a portable iconic Hermès orange box in recyclable cardboard. Each paper is decorated with small Hs, like a watermark, making every small effort of beauty seem truly effortless. At $63.

Images courtesy of Hermès, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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