Giorgio Armani Beauty: Haute Couture Makeup

by Susanah Cheok

If a Giorgio Armani power suit is the ultimate measure of a woman’s sartorial success, Giorgio Armani Beauty’s elegant makeup products must be the very pinnacle of designer face accessories.

You can’t wax lyrical about the distinctive elegance of any Giorgio Armani product without first delving into the source, into the man behind and in front of the brand, Mr. Giorgio Armani himself, who is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most famous fashion designers, and a superlative name in the Italian luxury world.

The brand that’s synonymous with graceful Italian haute couture, precise yet sensuous tailoring, and a distinguishing ready-to-wear look that says ‘Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered’, was built on Giorgio Armani’s philosophy of grace, simplicity, and confidence, qualities that don’t necessarily get a person fleeting second looks, but that surely leave a good, lasting impression.

When fashion maestro Giorgio Armani launched his remarkable brand in 1975, he spoke to the Armani woman, who is beautiful for her mind, personality, and her innate sense of self. To Mr. Armani, there is no beauty without intelligence and self-assuredness. After all, the assumption is that you are an Armani woman because you are confident; the clothes, and now the makeup, just accentuate that truth.

That is why, every Giorgio Armani creation, whether haute couture, ready-to-wear, homeware, fragrance, or beauty, has to capture the vision, essence and spirit of the lauded name behind it, or it does not see the light of day. The Armani core speaks of an exceptional quality that’s accomplished only through an attentive and precise selection of ideas, concepts, designs, materials, protocols, and technology. A reality that makes no concessions for compromises, the Giorgio Armani credo is to always work to the nearest millimeter, not the nearest centimeter.

Face Designers

There has never been a more exciting time than now for Giorgio Armani, with the creation of Giorgio Armani Beauty, which, above all else that it does, re-aligns the brand’s position globally, making Giorgio Armani one of the world’s finest and most comprehensive purveyors of elite Italian sophistication.

With the invitation to explore Giorgio Armani’s vision of beauty, innovative makeup inspired by fabric textures, the latest colour trends, exquisite artisanal fragrances, and skincare par excellence, the confident Armani woman can now enjoy the brand more completely. All this of course took root when Mr. Armani decreed that the Armani woman should be able to wear makeup like the finest silk. The Armani woman now has at her disposal, not just a fashion dress code of sharp but easy silhouettes, faultless tailoring, and the more than occasional esoteric use of embellishment, she can presently also suit up in an Armani beauty dress code made up of a flawless complexion, and alluring, well-defined features.

The Art of Visage

With iconic foundations like Luminous Silk Foundation, Power Fabric Foundation and My Armani To Go Iconic Cushion, Giorgio Armani Beauty leads the way and lays the groundwork for your face’s delicate architecture. Where there is light and luminosity, there is radiance. And with just these products, Giorgio Armani Beauty dazzles with its wizardry in harnessing light for the complexion, so that your face may become the exemplary canvas for an Armani beauty dress code, whether you prefer it dewy or matte. With these malleable yet precise complexion-building products, the Armani woman is also able to blend or layer up a customized second skin in a shade that will sculpt her features and that ensures she masters the light.

Armani Glow

Armani Glow

Dressing your face with the Luminous Silk Foundation is akin to putting on charmeuse silk, the fabric of emperors, reputed for its remarkable luster, thinness, and indulgently light caress, and transforming the luxurious, exotic royal garb into any sort of dream apparel you want, with a versatile light-changing colour veil. Wearing these textile-like fluids are like being sheathed by the luxurious fabrics of the ru nway.

The beauty-forward formulations also emulate the precise construction of Giorgio Armani’s couture gowns in the way the products fuse with the contours of every face for smooth, lasting coverage.

All this is made possible with the exclusive and proprietary Micro-fil Light Technology consisting of micronized pigments, pearls and spherical fillers to assure that colours remain true and textures weightless, for infinite blending and layering. Airy oils make Luminous Silk Foundation easy to slip on and off, and a mineral oil offers sturdy hold and coverage, yet light clarity.

Luminous Silk Foundation, in particular, is enriched with Glycerin, which offers 8 hours of hydration and extreme comfort to the skin.

Luminous Silk Foundation is available in 9 shades.

Suit Up

Suit Up

The power suit that’s not just boardroom-ready, but life-ready, is now available in a new manifestation: through Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Power Fabric Longwear High Coverage Foundation with SPF 25.

The best of two salient worlds in a galaxy of foundation fundamentals, it combines long-wear coverage with a light-reflecting, lightweight, second-skin finish.

Like the impeccable underpinnings of an Armani jacket, Power Fabric Foundation will hold up to any occasion, without you even feeling held up or the least bit constricted. Like the legendary Armani jacket, it commandeers the day without being restraining or stuffy.

The transformative quotient of Power Fabric Foundation lies in its groundbreaking technology that dresses the skin by enhancing facial features and imperceptibly concealing imperfections.

Power Fabric Foundation is also protective, with an SPF filter of 25, and is just the beauty shield every urban Armani woman needs every day.

As far as packaging goes, it’s power-packed, with a new GA monogram in red on the black lacquered cap.

Power Fabric is available in 12 shades.

On The Go

On The Go

Imagine My Armani To Go Iconic Cushion as a petite and beautiful minaudier that you can carry with you to all the important functions life requires you to attend: from power lunches, dinner dates, to charity balls, and that it affirms your entire look every time. Small and perfect, it rises to the occasion anytime, anywhere.

Like your exquisite compact and occasion-appropriate clutch, My Armani To Go Iconic Cushion packs a serious classy punch too. Built specially for the multi-tasking, nomadic Armani woman, it is precious, luxurious, and unquestionably, uncompromisingly efficacious and easy to use.

Taking a leaf out of Giorgio Armani’s couture handbags, the slender cushion compact combines fashion, design and beauty, the very sorts of expertise that are part and parcel of the Armani universe. This next-generation beauty essential for the mobile life, encapsulates a formulation that offers flawless professional polish, and which is teamed with an applicator that even beauty novices can wield expertly.

My Armani To Go Iconic Cushion doesn’t just ride the cushion trend wave, it leads it with a feather-light essence-in-foundation that wells in a pillow-soft cushion nestled in a carry-everywhere compact, so that the Armani Woman can enjoy supreme coverage, comfort, a tailor-made silky glow on her complexion, and reap the benefits of a hydrating and UV-safe anti-ageing water-in-oil emulsion skincare that also takes care of her precious skin.

Unique pigments guarantee lasting yet luminous colour, and its light essence emollient balances out every complexion, keeping it bright yet matte. Paired with a newly-designed pointed applicator, its broad ribbon strap and smart applicator fabric that all work together to allow users to reach every part of the face with utmost precision and ease, the My Armani To Go Iconic Cushion SPF 23 is formidable beauty arsenal for go-anytime, go-everywhere modern living.

My Armani To Go Cushion SPF 23 comes in 6 shades.

Armani Glow Service

To reap the full benefits of Giorgio Armani Beauty’s precise face architects and customized second-skin, high-tech beauty bases, go a step further to enjoy the signature Armani Glow service which achieves a stunning yet natural-looking complexion in just 30 minutes.

Truly, Deeply, Mattely

There’s something immensely sophisticated about matte lip colour that’s also rich and intense. Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Lip Magnet is extreme colour at its most matte, but in a formula that’s fine, weightless and comfortable to wear.

This exceptional formula achieves colour intensity, mattness and a refined application that offer results of extreme finesse through a subtle alliance of water, fine oils and pigments contained in an inverted emulsion.

This genuine technological achievement means water contained in the lipstick formulation gradually evaporates once the lip colour is applied, allowing, through the “Fusion” silicone polymer, the oils and pigments to fuse, the result of which is a veil of highly-concentrated colour.

Lip Magnet ups the lipstick performance ante with a new gesture, that of a calligraphic applicator crafted by the Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories for use exclusively with Lip Magnet.

An elegant, streamlined case inspired by fragrance vials, reveals the rich colour within, and completes Lip Magnet’s unrivalled potential as every Armani woman’s lip instrument of choice.

Lip Magnet is available in 18 shades.

Revolutionary Secrets

What’s the secret to intense pigments, matte effects, lip radiance and illumination?

The answer lies in Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Lip Maestro, a bona fide revolution in lipstick technology. At long last, the world’s first truly luminous matte lipstick exists.

This oxymoron of lip colour achieves at once, amplified colour, a flawless matte finish that doesn’t feel or look dry, and a velvety-smooth, luxurious texture that gives the plump, juicy effect of 4-dimensional colour.

This wonder matte lacquer is made possible with all the right ingredients: Clever backlighting technology, where light interacts with pigments, and bounces back, enriching colour and giving lips the appearance of being backlit, therefore fuller and more seductive.

Thanks to Giorgio Armani Beauty’s progressive research, a new era in lip colour that has an innovative base ingredient for a dual-action effect is born.

The formula is made up of a network of buoyant, soft, supple spheres that roll and mimic lip movements, thereby also giving a never-before-experienced fluidity of wear. As such, for the first time, deep, lasting lip colour can have a light-as-air feel, and also remain lush and radiant.

Lip Maestro is available in 12 sumptuous shades, including the best-selling #400 the red. This iconic red went through 94 revisions before it obtained Mr. Armani’s final stamp of approval, because he wanted a signature red to suit all skin tones. The same red is also used for Armani Beauty’s packaging, and throughout each store.

Shop Giorgio Armani Beauty

Experience cutting-edge Italian beauty at its most luxurious and ground-breaking. Immerse yourself in Giorgio Armani Beauty’s progressive vision. Because first-hand knowledge and know-how are power, let the Giorgio Armani Beauty Face Designers help you select an advanced designer wardrobe for your face, lips and eyes nowhere else but at the exclusive boutiques situated at TANGS at Tang Plaza, and at ION Orchard B2-45.



All images courtesy of Armani Beauty, additional images by Amelia Tang for Curatedition.


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