Giorgio Armani Beauty: All Eyes On You

by Tan Wen Shan

Rock the statement eye, be eye-catchingly bold.

Lipstick has been hailed as the mighty all-purpose tool you will ever need. In a pinch, it can be used as a blush, eyeshadow, colour corrector, just to name a few. Now, if you will consider the proposition of the handy and versatile eye shadow, let us show you how.

Three Times The Fun

You want lightweight eye make-up that is easy to apply, is smudge-proof for hours on end and delivers a “no make-up” feel. Giorgio Armani Beauty’s famous Eye Tint is all that, and, newly repackaged and reinvented.

With its nine new contemporary shades, a new chrome finish, and an applicator that allows the Eye Tint to be used as a three-in-one eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter, the adaptable eyeshadow is anything but plain. And while one might be spoilt for choice with the many offers of wild, non-traditional, and unconventional colours now available because of the glitter and shimmer trend, the pure and intense shades from the Eye Tint range are clear standouts.

Fans of the Armani Beauty Lip Magnet will notice that apart from the bottle, the lightweight formula feels nicely familiar. The secret lies in its revolutionary technology: the original water/pigment suspension evenly disperses the extremely fine pearl particles to deliver pigmented colours that shift and change as eyes move in the light, while blending on smoothly.

The Eye Tint tear-dropped shape applicator includes a key “formula tank” and brief flock, low-density hair that gathers the right dose of formula, enabling the user to spread it uniformly over the eyelids for the ideal eye shadow, and skin for the ideal highlighter. The pointed tip at the top makes the most accurate eyeliner application possible. There you have it, an all-in-one eye shadow, highlight and eyeliner.

Killer Look

The 12-hour smudge-proof Eyes To Kill Designer Eyeliner offers four understated fake black matte shades and four unexpected holographic shades for that colour twist. Explore infinite expressions, where each fake black shade can be worn on its own or layered with a holographic shade. The water-based formula and the ultra-thin tip of the applicator ensure maximum comfort, accuracy and long-lasting, comfortable wear in a one-liner.

And you have the tools you need, for the elegant, sophisticated and eternally powerful look, day to night.

Images courtesy of Armani Beauty, artwork by Curatedition.

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